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Injured at work

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Injured at work

I tripped over a rug at work which caused a whiplash in my neck, in addition it triggered severe back pain which caused me to not be able to function at work and I could not do my job. I worked a week, then again went to the dr. and ER, then was taken off a week due to dr. restrictions and then went back to work, tried to work for 2 weeks while getting treated by a chiropractor, and was not getting any better, felt worse, dr. told me I need to be off until further notice w/ and eval. in 4 weeks, tried short term disability and got denied, prior to that Workman's comp. originally denied me saying I could not sustain an injury from tripping, and now STD is denying me. In severe pain and treated by PT. My dr. does not feel I can return to work and do my normal job functions which are office duties, and have other work restrictions this causes migraines, vertigo and severe pain in my neck. Would I qualify for SSDI? I have worked all of my life and I am 43 years old, however I have chronic pain from this and cannot function. Please help!

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