Osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, DDD....

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Im a 55 yr. old feamale. Have had degen disc since 2009, neuropathy 2010, spinal stenosis and osteopenia 2014, knee osteoarthritis(tri compartmental with joint spacing)2015. Diagnosed with epilepsy(caused by concussions),have grand mals but only every 2 years, have petit mals every month to every other month...more frequent when there is strsss such as being at work etc. am having difficulty walking on uneven ground, and standing bothers my back and cant sit for long periods of time possibly due to spinal stenosis or DDD and have pain behind leg which hurts when sitting(PA thinks its due to Sciatic nerve). Also climbing stairs is an issue and can only do one step at a time. Am currently going to pt (about a month) and still dont have full range of motion and am actively seeing an orthopedist and am taking shots in knee for pain/inflammation. He is also suggesting knee replacement. Have some hip problems (pain and instability) and am scheduled for xray this upcoming month.

Ive worked mainly cashiering and there has always been floor work(labor) involved.. Graduated High School with some college. Ive tried to work around the epilepsy throughout the years and at times i get auras and have had to call work to let them know i cant make it in only to be told that I would be written up if it happened again and was also terminated at a different job place when i handed in doctors note saying i couldn't work shift work because of the seizure activity it caused. Though Ive managed to work with the obstacles of the work place attitude itself, I don't think physically my body will allow me to do the work i did in the past. I can no longer stand for long periods of time 20 -30 min max and can walk about a block before i tire out. I can no longer get to a standing or sitting position normally and have to hold onto something when i do. Also, i cant kneel and have trouble bending over at times.(comes and goes).
From what Ive written can you tell me if and how much my chances are of winning?

Apologies for the book I wrote.

Thank you

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