SSDI length of time for back pay?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sun, 11/18/2012 - 00:19

When I initially met with my attorney, I was told that back pay would go back one year from application, minus 5 months (I had already waited over 2 years to file because I was told I would have "full recovery" after my 2 fusion surgeries). I've received my acceptance letter but not my back pay yet, and during my search for more info on the process I came across a SSDI page stating that even if it takes 24 months for your claim to get approved, you can only receive pay for 12 months. Can anybody help clarify this for me please? Also, I have friends who received their back pay before or immediately after their approval letters (NY), but I've seen posts by people saying it took several months so I was wondering if there was a formula for when I can expect mine? I'm not looking to go on a spending spree, but I have a mortgage, car payment, property and school taxes, and children to feed and clothe as well as one in an expensive college. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and all input is appreciated.

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Hi Dana,
I am so sorry to hear this. You are doing EVERYTHING right. You've stayed on top of the SSA, and you've been lucky enough to give you answers. Since you got a positive response from the SSA, I am sure you will receive your benefits in time to save your home.

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im trying get some help getting all my back pay from the first time i applied in 95 til 2003 they found me disable got in a little trouble they gave me my back pay on that reapplied in 2007 went threw the proces and 2014 they finally started it back with a lawyer they gave me back pay from 2013 i am entitled to everthing from day one can some put me in the right direction please thanks

kelly (not verified)
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I went before judge oct. 7.2015. I was approved- fully favorable. My lawyer says I will get back pay from SSI Nov 2012 and from SSDI Jan 2013. I received a letter from SS office where I live. I have an appointment for Thursday the 12th of November. What happens next? When will I receive my first check because I am sinking.


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Hi Kelly,
Congratulations on your approval. Your first check will be deposited into your bank account around three months from now, although if you have a medical emergency, you may be able to get it expedited.

Justin (not verified)
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Hi my name is Justin and my daughter receives ssi benefits. She began living with me in January and I have applied to be her representative payee. I was told her mother hadnt been receiving the benefitss since January 2015, do to non compliance. Does that mean she will get back pay from January? I just want to know what to prepare for because I want to do everything correctly. Thank you for any info.


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Hi Justin,
Is your daughter still qualified for SSI? She may need to reapply if her current payee is not receiving any payments. Hopefully you can get this settled!

Deborah Shockley (not verified)
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Aug.252015 judge gave fully favorAll decision. Why taking so long? I did send for Judge to review fee arrangement , was told it would not slow things down ?


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Hi Deborah,
You are indeed a little behind. Most applicants receive their first check within 3 months of being approved. I would contact your local SSA office again if you don't get your payment by the end of the month.

CC (not verified)
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how long will it take to get money back when a check was sent for disability with the wrong name on the check


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Hi CC,
I am really not sure about this, especially since the SSA typically does not send checks and instead does direct deposits to bank accounts. It will all depend on how quickly your SSA office can process your claim.

Patricia... (not verified)
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Hello I was informed that all my paperwork for ssd has been processed at the processing center last week & my lawyer is due to be paid on Dec 10, 2015. So now how much more longer would I have to wait for my back money, I'm not collecting no future payments. We went for only a closed period because I went back to work.

Tim (not verified)
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I got approved for ssdi .Two weeks ago in front of the judge.How long before my award letter comes.Or my first check.

Renee (not verified)
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The social office said my backpay was released yesterday on the 10th so when should i expected it in my bank account

Lisa (not verified)
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My mom just passed away and SS still owes 2 back does that work?? I am the only child and would like to be able to give her a proper burial...

Paula (not verified)
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I was approved for ss disability. It took one year and increased my ss by $58.00. My disability was considered severe. Severe enough to receive $58.00 more per month?


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Hi Paula,
Your disability payment maybe rose due to a cost of living increase from 2014 to 2015. That is the only explanation I could think of!

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