SSDI length of time for back pay?

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When I initially met with my attorney, I was told that back pay would go back one year from application, minus 5 months (I had already waited over 2 years to file because I was told I would have "full recovery" after my 2 fusion surgeries). I've received my acceptance letter but not my back pay yet, and during my search for more info on the process I came across a SSDI page stating that even if it takes 24 months for your claim to get approved, you can only receive pay for 12 months. Can anybody help clarify this for me please? Also, I have friends who received their back pay before or immediately after their approval letters (NY), but I've seen posts by people saying it took several months so I was wondering if there was a formula for when I can expect mine? I'm not looking to go on a spending spree, but I have a mortgage, car payment, property and school taxes, and children to feed and clothe as well as one in an expensive college. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and all input is appreciated.


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Hi Debi,
In general, those who are denied benefits receive their notice fairly quickly because they have to meet the 65-day deadline for filing an appeal. Wishing you nothing but the best.


Johnny B (not verified)
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I was thinking about applying for disability, I'm 54 yrs old, and just having a hard time doing my job and it shows because my job performance is going down hill .I have tried to hold off but starting to realize I can't do it anymore , I have heard getting approved is easier after you reach over 50 is that true?but then from reading so many people stories it can take years to even get approved even if I do. But I can't


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Hi Johnny,
The SSA takes age, health, and the ability to do other work into account when you apply for disability benefits. It may become easier the older a person is, but you may want to speak with a disability advocate or attorney about your case. You can get in touch with one by filling out this form:

Johnny B (not verified)
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Not sure what happened did not get to finish and got sent. I wanted to say that I can't afford to quit, I'm scrapping by as it is to make ends meet so how to you apply and just wait for so long with out any income, I'm new to this will the process go quicker scince I'm over 50 ? Please lead me in the right direction.


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HI Johnny,
That was not an application for benefits, it was a form to speak with a lawyer.
You may have an easier time of applying for benefits due to your age. While you may be able to work while applying for benefits, it may disqualify you if you earn over $1,170 a month.

Johnny (not verified)

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I only make $500 a month if that .. very low income :(

Charlie (not verified)
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I was curious if you are denied, will you get a denial letter faster then award letter? My friend applied about 6 months ago and received a denial letter very fast it seems, I applied the same time, but my status says medical decision and been made and now working on benefit application is this a good sign for me now it is going on 9 months for now and they just updated that on 4-6-2017


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Hi Charlie,

In general, those who are denied benefits receive their notice fairly quickly because they have to meet the 65-day deadline for filing an appeal.

Best Wishes,

Patrick (not verified)
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So I just got a update online, saying a medical decision has been made and now working on your benefits application , does that mean approval or not necessary, I understand you can not give me an exact answer about my case, just looking for somebody has already been through this and can give some idea what that might mean. I just want to know if I get a letter in the mail this week if that might be bad. my last update was on 4/5/2017


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Hi Patrick,
All I could say is that they are working on your case, as all that message might mean is that they've established that you are medically eligible for benefits and now they need to come to a decision as to whether your work history ( for SSDI benefits) or income and resources (For SSI benefits) meet their criteria for technical eligibility.

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I applied for disability on 10/3/14. I had a hearing on December 22,2015 and denied benefits on 2/16/16. Applied for an appeal on 3/4/16 and received a reman letter on 3/17/17. The judge did not address all of my medical impairments that met the disability guidelines, she was more concerned of me grandson.
As of today my case is activated and is in the hearing office. My question is,do I have a chance of a favorable decision before or at the hearing?


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Hi Tabby,

Every case and judge is different, so I cannot say for sure whether you have your case will be favorable or not. I would recommend speaking to your lawyer about that.

Best of Luck

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Hi I was thinking about applying for disability, but not sure if I get an a attorney or not ? I'm only 24 but have really bad back problems, haven't not really seen that many Drs. because of the cost, but have seen one in urgent care Dr. that says I need to see a specialist but I really can't afford a regular Dr. let alone a specialist , and have a hard time keeping a job, kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place any suggestions. I have heard applying can take along time too to get a decision. I just help on decided on what to do thanks .

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what is the difference between, SSD and SSDI, I just found out was received for SSD but the SSDI is still pending, and will I get back pay for that is well the SSDI if approved?


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Hi Jayln,

SSD and SSDI are the same thing (Social Security Disability). You do receive back pay once you qualify for SSD.

Best of Luck

Tony (not verified)
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My wife got approved for SSDI and got her first check in February her eod is January 2013 will she get back pay.

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Why wasn't I awarded backpay ssdi


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I am sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, we cannot answer that question because we are not affiliated with the SSA. You can contact them directly at 1-800-772-1213 to ask any specific questions regarding your case.

Best of Luck,

Mi (not verified)
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I now get ssdi but no mention of backpay?


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Hi Mi,

It generally takes 5 months to receive back pay once you qualify for SSDI benefits.

Best of Luck,

Brenda (not verified)
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I waited from November 2010 thru November 2016 before I was approved for my SSI and that was with a lawyer.It went all the way to federal court. Now I'm just waiting for the back pay I wish I knew how long it will take to get my back pay. If anyone knows that would be great thanks


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Hi Brenda,

There is generally a 5 month waiting period for back pay once you are qualified for SSDI.

Best of Luck,

Iris (not verified)
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what is the difference between SSI and SSD, say approved for SSD but SSI is still pending?


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Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a Federal assistance program designed to provide income to aged, blind, or disabled people who have limited assets with which to support themselves.
Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a federally run benefits program that provides aid to people who are unable to achieve gainful employment due to a permanent disabling condition.

Best Regard,

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I have had 2 hearing ,seen by 2 diff judges ,thanks to the the Appeals Council.It has now been 6 mos. AND the judge made me forfeit the 4 out of 5 yr lump ,for quicker Approval -- because I can't get medical attention until I get my SSI.I gave up ALL that money, because I'm desperate and in pain AND be abuse he told my attorney he'll deny me o5herwise and I'll have to reapply and be automatically approved -- So my attorney will be screwed out of being paid too --- So,I agreed and forfeited it 2 mos ago---been waiting 6 AND have had to go w/o medical attention and all my meds for 8 mos becuz the SSI hadn't deemed me disabled yet (state cutbacks) and the state cut me off the Medicaid.Im at a total loss.I have lost EVERYTHING due to toxic mold-- on top of it all.So,I'm literally laying on a floor,sick,in pain, and wishing my disease could just kill me.Cant get a response from my attorney via email or over phone.Theyre answering service even sent an emergency priority message to them,STILL no response.I don't know what to do.Im so tired, I don't think. I'll last much longer 48 lbs- lost,for no reason-- now down to 98 lbs. -- I'm scared and I'm curious how to find out what's going on beings my attorneys won't answer.

Laurie (not verified)
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My husband applied for disability in feb 2016. We heard nothing from disability so in aug. 2016 he applied for early retirement and got his retirement. Now in april 2017 disability said that they found him disabled in feb 2016 and he would now receive disability benefits. My question is will he still get disability back pay now from Aug 2016?

Janet (not verified)
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On 1/13/17 After 4yrs the judge awarded my decision favorable. From D.O.I. date. Finally on 3/19/17 recieved first payment. Letter stated, to recieve next payment 4/26/17. My attorney informed SSD I had dire need and it was noted. As I lost my home 1/30/15 an spend most days homeless. Ive been to local offce 1/30/17 called an made appointment a month later. Kept appointment. All prior to recieving first payment. I called again 4/15 to see if theres a hold up, with lump sum. Is there anyone who could give me a date I would recieve lump. Adam at the local office was terribly rude. Claimed if i didnt call every day, just maybe they could get to it. To say the least I was taken back. I ask for his supervisor. He said no, have a nice day an hung up. It seem I cant get an answer from the Cherry hill NJ Office. Any suggestions or answers on A. When I could expect lump sum? B.How about Adam?


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Hi Janet,

It generally takes around 5 months once you get approved. I would recommend speaking to a disability rights advocate or attorney.

Best of Luck,

Ladyluck (not verified)
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Hi I was approved for my SSDI, April 11th 2017, my onset date is July 2016. So does this mean I have a 5 month waiting period July, August, September November and December before i get my first payment. I'm not sure if I'm getting a SSI payment as well waiting on that letter to arrive. I'm just trying to figure this whole thing out. Thanks


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Hi There,

The 5 month waiting period is for when you get approved for SSDI. So you got approved in April, so you should get your payments starting in September.

Best of Luck,

Tanya (not verified)
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I have a couple of questions
#1 .If you get approved for disability do you automatically get approved for SSDI? I was approved for SSD but says my SSDI is still pending.
#2. I do work part time but only12 to 19 hrs.a week. to keep afloat while waiting on a decision on SSD. now that I have been approved, can I give a 2 weeks notice to my employer or will that affect my SSD and SSDI if I do ? It is not that I do not want to work, because I do, just very hard for me to do, because of my disability but had to have something to keep me afloat . Thank god I got approved, but not sure why they have not made a decision on SSDI yet ? Thanks


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Hi Tanya,

1. SSD and SSDI are the same thing, they stand for Social Security Disability. It allows workers who become disabled to receive their Social Security retirement benefits early.

2. You can still work and be on SSD, but it cannot exceed the SGA monthly amount which is $1,170/month for non-blind people.

Best of Luck,

Kayla Lemoine (not verified)
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I turned in estimate for quicker back pay for vehicle. How long could it take for me to get it


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Hi Kayla,

Unfortunately it's hard to say when you will exactly get the payments.

Best of Luck,

Kayla Lemoine (not verified)
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I receive SSI and have received first installment of back pay. I recently submitted a estimate for a vehicle to get to Dr appointments. How long does SSI have to contact me


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Hi Kayla,

It's hard to say, but I would recommend calling the SSA and speaking to a representative directly: 1-800-772-1213

Best of Luck,

james (not verified)
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morning all i am hoping u can help me, my disability was denied in 2011 last year they approved my disability in dec 2016, i received my award letter, and have been receiving monthly benefits however, i have called and got the run around for 3 months, this week i called the 1800 lady told me my back payment was approved, so tues i called my local office, the lady there said they dont know what the other person is talking about last letter they show to me is feb 1th for ticket to work, called 1800 again this time a lady tells me she dosn't know why i was told approved they are still working on it at processing center ones march 20 and again april 10th and 14th, so i called again yesterday to the 1800 different lady tells me, someone sent a release of benefits on march 21st, and it can take 45 days for the money to reach me, that if i have not received my back pay by may 5th to call back and expedite release, plz help, and by the way they are paying me five years of backpay


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Hi James,

I would recommend being pro-active and staying on top of this matter, because it is a long and sometimes confusing process.

Best of Luck,

Mary (not verified)
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I applied for SSDI/SSI Sept 2016 on my own, first time. I received an award letter this month stating I will receive $975 a month. I have an appt today to go over everything and for my funds to be released. My friend filed for the same, about 1 month earlier than I. She received her award letter last month ( March 2017) and 11 days later her full back pay was direct deposited into her account. Not all claims take a long time. I will receive my back pay in approx the same amount of time. Not sure if it varies from state to state due to staffing but here in Oregon our SS workers are great, easy to contact and talk with and quick!!

Janie (not verified)
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I applied in August 2016. My case is now in quality review. I applied for ssdi. Do you think I will get any backpay?

Robert M (not verified)
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I'm excited but confused, I got my award letter Saturday saying I was approved then showed a back pay from January to December of 2016, also went on to say they are going to pay my lawyer out of that money, as I was getting to the last page shows what I'm going to get monthly starting next month but then it says this is why we can't pay your benefits. and shows zero so kinda of confused, I will call my lawyer Monday. So I know I'm getting my monthly payments but not sure of my back pay, they found me disabled in August of 2015 . so just really confused and my SSDI is still pending online ?


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Hi Robert,

Congratulations on getting your award letter. That is strange though that though that it says your case is pending online. I would recommend to keep getting updates with your lawyer and maybe even calling the SSA and speaking to a representative from there.

Best of Luck,

Teddy (not verified)
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I filed for ssd and ssi back in May of 2016,and still pending, I heard it takes long time, but this is crazy. I guess I should of have got a Attorney from the start. Can I get one now, or is it too late. Will I have to see if I get denied first before trying again?


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Hi Teddy,

It is not too late to get an attorney. They can tell you the necessary steps to take next.

Best of Luck,

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