SSDI length of time for back pay?

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When I initially met with my attorney, I was told that back pay would go back one year from application, minus 5 months (I had already waited over 2 years to file because I was told I would have "full recovery" after my 2 fusion surgeries). I've received my acceptance letter but not my back pay yet, and during my search for more info on the process I came across a SSDI page stating that even if it takes 24 months for your claim to get approved, you can only receive pay for 12 months. Can anybody help clarify this for me please? Also, I have friends who received their back pay before or immediately after their approval letters (NY), but I've seen posts by people saying it took several months so I was wondering if there was a formula for when I can expect mine? I'm not looking to go on a spending spree, but I have a mortgage, car payment, property and school taxes, and children to feed and clothe as well as one in an expensive college. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and all input is appreciated.

Will (not verified)
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The event that triggered my ptsd happened 12 years ago, I got 14 yr old son whose sucidal, homeless, untreated sick my phsk retired almost six years ago, I'm a single parent on state medicaid how do I find immediate medical treatment before I blow up over it all?


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Hi Will,
I'm sorry to hear about that! You may be able to find resources in your community that can help.

Lisa (not verified)
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After waiting 3 years, I was approved by a judge for SSDI and SSI in October 2016. I received a partial payment 2 weeks later for the SSI and I started receiving my monthly SSDI payment in November 2016. I have not received my back pay for SSDI as of yet but have gotten the representation approval letter. Even my attorney hasn't been paid yet and their fee has been set aside out of my back pay. So, being patient is the game we all have to play here and, although sad to say, there isn't much choice in the matter. I was told by several SSA representatives that my payment is being processed at the payment center. The SSA website gives you no information on back pay, only the payments they have issued. Don't give up! I certainly understand the frustration that comes with waiting and it does tend to shoot up our temperatures! Those of us who are in debt due to waiting should consider taking everything to your local SSA office to see if it will expedite your case. That is what I plan to do very soon.....Good luck!

Steve (not verified)
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I signed up for my soc sec 2012 awarded nov 2017. The judge disabled me from 2017 i will receive five years of back pay per order but have not received yet

lisa (not verified)
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I filled SSI/SSDI in December 13 2013 and was appoved for SSDI December 20 2017.that is 48 months - the 5 months which will take it down to 43 months,how many months of bacpay will I get..

Loveme24 (not verified)
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My daughter was approved for ssi on December 28,2017 when will she receive her 1st back payment


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Hi there,
she should receive her back payment around the same time she starts receiving monthly benefits.

Debbie Whitney (not verified)
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I was approved for my SSDI in Sept of 2017, They still haven't released the back pay, I have received 3 Months payment an that's all how long does it take for them to do the back pay


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Hi Debbie,
It usually takes about 4 months from the time you first receive monthly benefits.

Melanie (not verified)
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well I'm very confused at this point, I got approved for SSI and SSDI my approval date is January 1st 2014. and like I said I'm very confused I don't know what I'm getting my first monthly check I don't know what I'm just going to start back pay I don't know how much that's going to be I'm not sure how it all works my lawyer was not any help at all. is someone out there can help me or explain it to me how they do the back pay the monthly chats Etc


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Hi Melanie,
You may want to contact the SSA regarding this as they would have information about your award. You may also find your award letter in the mail.

sarah (not verified)
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I received my disability letter of full favorable on November 16,2017, The judge deemed me disabled all the way back to March 2012. I just received my 1st disability benefit January 2018. Will I get back pay back to that March date ? I have still no back pay amount yet and every time I call to check the status, it says pending. iN OUR LETTER FROM THE JUDGE HE STATES THAT IF WE DO NOT HAVE BACK PAY WITHIN 60 DAYS to contact his office. Still no word. Is this normal ? We were deemed a hardship case, but what a joke.


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Hi Sarah,
You may receive back pay for the time you are eligible for SSDI benefits but did not receive them. Generally, You would receive back pay about four months from the time that you start receiving monthly benefits, but because yours was a hardship case, the judge may have wanted to make sure that you get your back pay faster than that, you may want to contact their office.

Tom (not verified)
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I applied in 2009 waited 3 years the final decision was negative. My lawyer reapplied for me decision was negative got new lawyer filed federal appeal waiting on that. Meanwhile my first lawyer reapplied again now keep in mind all this with the same conditions. I was approved in September 2017, now hears the big but. They told me even though I qualified for disability I won't get paid because I haven't worked in 5 years (actually it's been 10 because of my disabilities) I can only get SSI what a crock...does anyone know if I can appeal this decision. I worked my whole life.

Riley (not verified)
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I heard the news the government might shut down, will that affect my social security checks ?


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Hi Riley,
You may still receive social security payments even during a shutdown.

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