Lump sum back payment

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I received two lump sum payments, but I have not spent all of the funds. I want to make a funeral arrangement and buy a car. How soon must I spend the lump sum payment.

danielle J (not verified)
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When my daughters SS Disability case was denied, she filed an appeal. Months later she hired a non-lawyer advocate. She signed a fee agreement. She fired her advocate for failure to have contact and not knowing what was going on with the case. As far as she could tell from asking all doctors and looking at the social security files on her case. No contact from the advocate to the doctors occurred and no documents were given to SS for the hearing. The hearing is in a month. The question remains: My son agreed to be the new advocate and SS was notified and a form was signed. He also signed a waver that he did not want any fee. My son did all of the work for the past year which was get all of the medical records to SS, and hassled with the doctors to write a updated accounting of the medical condition/prognosis/ tests and everything SS required. This was to support the doctor's opinion that my daughter could not work at all. All of the doctors said the advocate never contacted them nor were any records asked by her. If my daughter wins her appeal, we understand the judge can award the fired advocate fees. We think it's wrong for my daughter and all that hire advocates who are also stuck in the position she was. The question is, can my son now file for a fee, even if it is a token amount so the judge can see how much work was put in by my son. The former advocate never responded to my daughter request to have a statement showing the work that was done.


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Hi Danielle,
I am so sorry to hear that! It is unlikely that your son will be able to receive the fee in lieu of the attorney. Only people who have law degrees or who have been certified as advocates by the SSA will be eligible for direct deposits for legal fees after a Social Security approval.

Kelz (not verified)
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How much back pay should I expect for 4years of backpay

Sara (not verified)
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I have a disabled 5 month old daughter SHE receives 50 a month being that shes still in the hospital..when discharged will there be any back pay

Terry McDougall (not verified)
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When will I receive my second backpacking

Cheyanne marie (not verified)
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I am a payee for my granddaughters ssi death benefits. They sent a letter saying she will not be receiving benefits since she is truning 18. She just got her back pay from all the years she hasn't received monthly benefits. Does this mean the will cancel her back pay as well?


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Hi Cheyanne, no they will not take away her back pay. If she is still in high school then she qualifies for auxiliary benefits until she graduates.

Rhonda Smith (not verified)
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I'm expecting another back pay in May but I need to see how I can get an advance on that it an emergency

Gene fulller (not verified)
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How long after my first lump sum of SSI and disability payment will I receive my second payment. I was told it would be six months and then I was told it would come this month with my monthly check but it didn't

Mae (not verified)
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If I'm getting a lump sum, for my daughter why I have to have it in a separate account?

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If a get a lump sum of money for my child dad disability do i have to put it in a separate account, will i be able to spend some


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Hi There,

That should be okay, but if you have any questions regarding that, you should always double check with the SSA first and to make sure to keep all the receipts

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