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In 1987 I was involved in a tragic car accident; was in coma 2months4weeks;underwent multiple surgeries, therapies. In fact I completed 8th grade in the hospital. I was 13. By now, high school has been completed (1992), & I've attended a number of small colleges in MN. I wed in '98, going from Kari Vasseur to Kari Olson [my maiden name WILL ALWAYS be remembered]. In car accident I lost height, & had to learn everything all over, from infant stage on. Medically it was claimed how my comprehension has yeilded. The height I lack now, is more than before, yet I grew a bit PG with my first 2 kids. I am a mother over 4 kids [2girls, a boy, another girl]. I want my children to grow up knowing the trueth, being politically just, fair, keeping our country strong. Much I've seen in the USA government, isn't all to fair & just; looking at the elderly & disabled. Since 1987, TX pronounced me disabled, I was seen by doctors in New Mexico &

and TX and 1 ither state. I was a patient at St.Mary of the Plains hospital; I've looked, the hospital has been managed, changing it's name up to 6 times. I even have gone & visited the hospital. Pictures of me can still be seen[at least yet i 2001]; I am the 1987 UnitedWay child. Naturally, I recieved no funds for being in the video, just like never have I ever recieved moneys, to help as I needed or anything.
Having grown up from 13, life isn't all so much easier. Nothing about me looks disabled, where mentally, honestly,who'd like to admit it. I'm THERE, yet apparently not in the eyes to some employers. I've always stayed home as a stay-home mom, looking after my kids not able for school yet, my youngest has preschool twice a week now, as things will go as well next year, hopefully better. I simply request some financial assistance. The mortgage, te utility bills, funds to buy shoes & clothes for the ever growing kids,...never forgetting $$ for school activities. When I was growing up, the schools paid & supplied much of what us parents today are buying annually for our kids, in/for schol. As long as we parents buy all the supplies, why don't the teachers in school supply all the trueths; concerned in government, polotics, economy?!!!?

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