SSI Back Pay Installments

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 12/10/2015 - 12:41

Does anybody know whether that SSI back pay comes on a certain day of the month? I got my first installment the same week I was approved for SSI it came on the same day I got my first benefit. But I should receive one in January and I'm trying to figure out when I will see it? If anyone has any experience with receiving them in would love to hear about it!

armesia lowery (not verified)
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i receive my first ssi check january first when will i receive backpay social security office said the amount of backpay is 8,000 do u know when im get it


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Hi Armesia,

Typically your first installment of back pay comes about four months after you begin receiving your benefits.

DavidDewayneRobinson (not verified)
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can find my lumpsum


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Hi David,

If you're looking for what your back pay is or if you are receiving any, you'll have to contact the SSA. Their number is 1-800-772-1213. If you received an awards letter already, then it's likely also listed there!

Tonya (not verified)
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I'm due some back pay and haven't received the first pmt yet they say I will within 45 days is it business days only

Tonya (not verified)

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His first monthly payment was 9/19
I called they said they have 45 days from Dec 9 to make the first back pay payment I was wondering if it was business days or does the weekends count

Ally (not verified)
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Hello my son's first installment back pay was on July 8 2019. I called January 9 2020 and they said it will be deposited this month that's longer than 6 months just wondering what's the hold up. I will be contacted them in the morning.

Eduardo Rodriguz (not verified)
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When's the next time I get my back pay


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Hi Eduardo,

Back pay typically comes in 3 installment about 4 months apart, so you should receive your next installment about 4 months after your last one.

Tammy (not verified)
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I received a payment in October. When will I receive the. Rest of my back pay


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Hi Tammy,

Back pay typically comes about 6 months apart, so your next installment should be in April.

sas (not verified)
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I was wondering why my second backpay installment hadn’t came in yet ! I receive the first rather fast and still owed ! Letter said it would come in installments with my regular monthly pay! It’s been about 8 months and I still haven’t seen NOTHING!! Why do they say I will receive it one way and then I don’t receive any! Lawyer already has been paid . And I didn’t get back pay from when I first applied because I had no insurance to see doctors but went to emergency rooms instead! But my daughter end up paying for my doctor visits for 8 month so I receive back pay from there.! Anyways I’m still waiting on second installment ! What can I do ? Or is it I just have to wait ! I still owe my daughter money from the doctor appts and children for carry y bills while I was unable .


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Hi There,

I think the best bet would to be to contact the SSA directly and find out why there is a delay. Their number is 1-800-772-1213. You can also make an appointment to visit your local SSA office if you'd like to discuss this in person.

Dylan (not verified)
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I was awarded my SSI in June of 2019 I received my first check in September of 2019 they owe me $33,000 in back pay when will I receive my first payment of back pay


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Hi Dylan,

Back pay generally comes about 4 months after you begin receiving ssi and then in 6 month intervals. I would recommend giving a call to your SSA office to get more information on the status of your check.

Joy (not verified)
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So i had a interview on Feb 27 2020
I just gave them some info!! So how long will it take for my back pay??

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