Approved for Medical now waiting to see if I qualify for medical

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Online it states I'm approved for social security disability. I received a letter stating I was approved for the medical but they have not decided whether I qualify under the non medical rules.
Online it shows I have 2 claims. One for SSDI and one for SSI (Disability). I did not apply for SSI disability but this is what it says under that link:

Your SSI (Disability) benefit application is currently processing
Date started:




Social Security Office:

CRESCENT CITY, CA 95531-2442

Current Status
Step 2 of 3

Benefit Application Under Review

A medical decision has been made and we are working to process your benefit application. A Social Security Representative may contact you directly if we need any additional documents or information.

We started reviewing the decision made by the Disability Determination Service for accurate processing of your benefit application.

The Disability Determination Service for your state started processing the medical portion of your benefit application.

We started reviewing your SSI (Disability) benefit application.

Your SSI (Disability) benefit application was received.

The one for SSDI says this:

A decision has been made on your Disability benefit application
Date started:




Social Security Office:

BALTIMORE, MD 21241-0001

Current Status
Step 3 of 3

A Decision Has Been Made On Your Benefit Application

Your claim for Disability benefits has been approved. A detailed notice has been sent to you with your benefit information. For more information, please use the Benefit Verification Letter to check your benefit details.

If you disagree with the decision, you may request an appeal within 60 days of the date on the "Notice of Decision" you receive. A written request of appeal is required. You may use Form SSA-561 (Request for Reconsideration) to submit your request to your local Social Security office.
What does this mean and now that the medical has been approved how long will it take for the non medical. I can view my work history so I know I have enough work history. Thank you in advance


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Hi Kristi,

Generally it takes 1-2 months before you begin receiving payments. Back pay typically takes longer than that. If you worked with an attorney, you can contact them because they will receive their payments first and then you will receive yours shortly after.

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What dose steps 2out of 3 prossing mean


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There are a few steps to the disability benefits process. You have to be able to qualify both medically and technically. It seems like the application is still being looked at.

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I did a phone application on March 4, 2020 and on the SSA website it says that the disability determination center is currently processing my application but with the covid 19 happening no progress has been made and I haven't received any paperwork from my local social security office since then what do I do to find out if I was approved or not do I call the determination center or the social security office or do I keep waiting?


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Hi Ashley,

It can take some time for the SSA to determine if you are eligible for benefits. You can check you MySSA account for updates, call, or check in with your lawyer (if you worked with one). Best of luck!

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Disability Determination Pending

The Disability Determination Service for your state is processing the medical portion of your benefit application. If they need additional information or evidence from you, they will contact you directly.


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Hi Robert,
This means the SSA is still processing your application. You will receive the final decision in the mail or online.

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I applied for SSI in August. found out today a decision was made im waiting on my letter but I never been to the Social Security doctor is that a denial

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