Using an RFC When Applying for Benefits With Testicular Cancer

Testicular cancer is usually treatable, especially if it’s diagnosed early. But you have advanced testicular cancer, recurrent testicular cancer, or testicular cancer that requires extensive treatment you may qualify for Social Security disability benefits. Disability benefits can provide money that you can use to pay for basic living expenses like housing. There are two ways that you can qualify for disability benefits. You can qualify by meeting the requirements in the SSA’s Blue Book or you can qualify through Residual Functional Capacity.

What Is Residual Functional Capacity?

Residual Functional Capacity is a term used to describe what your ability to work is considering the limitations of your condition. The SSA’s Blue Book requirements can be very tough to meet, which means that people who can’t meet the requirements but still can’t work need another way to qualify for disability benefits. RFC gives people another way to be eligible for benefits. To qualify with RFC you will need your doctor to fill out an RFC evaluation form that will list all the limitations caused by your condition and give details about your condition. The SSA will look at the RFC, the types of work that you’ve done in the past, and your age to determine what your RFC is.

How To Use the RFC When You Have Testicular Cancer

If your testicular cancer is going to make it impossible for you to work for at least a year you will need to submit your RFC evaluation as well as medical records and your disability claim paperwork. The SSA will look at everything you submit and try to find another job that you can do with the skills that you have. If they can’t find another job that you can do without extensive retraining then you will be eligible for disability benefits.

For example, if you have been driving a truck for 15 years and you won’t be able to drive while you are battling cancer the SSA would consider you eligible for disability benefits because your skills won’t transfer to any other kind of job.

What To Include With Your RFC For Testicular Cancer

When you submit your RFC you will need to include all of the medical documentation you have that provides proof of your cancer and treatment. This can include a diagnosis, biopsies, MRIs, X-rays, and any other tests or treatment records that you have. It’s always better to have more documentation than less.


Get Help With Your RFC For Testicular Cancer

Trying to navigate the process of filing and RFC with a claim for Social Security disability benefits can be confusing if you have never filed for Social Security benefits before. Talking to an attorney that specializes in working on Social Security cases will get you the answers you need to make sure that you are submitting a complete claim with the right evidence to make your case.

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