What Are the Benefits Of Applying For SSDI With Breast Cancer?

How do you cover the costs of treating breast cancer, as well as make up for the loss of income that results from losing a job?

The answer lies in a Social Security Administration (SSA) program called Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).

How to Get Financial Help

If you have suffered from breast cancer, SSDI benefits can help stem the rushing financial tide of falling behind on bills. As a government program financed by payroll taxes, SSDI takes care of Americans that need an infusion of money to cover the income lost because of the inability to work.

Qualified SSDI recipients cannot work for more than a year or a have received a diagnosis of a terminal illness. The SSA establishes the types of jobs that are covered by SSDI, as well as defines the medical conditions that make American workers eligible for SSDI benefits.

The SSA Blue Book lists the medical conditions and associated symptoms that qualify American workers for SSDI benefits. For example, breast cancer is covered by the Blue Book under Section 13.00, which is called Malignant Neoplastic Diseases-Adult. The SSA also has created a table that explains how long you have to work at a qualifying job to receive SSDI benefits.

What You Need to Know about Medicare

Does qualifying for SSDI benefits disqualify someone from receiving Medicare approved services? Medicare represents a social safety net program for Americans that have reached the age of 65. It also applies to Americans that have received a diagnosis for end-stage renal disease, which is kidney disease that requires dialysis or a transplant.

Every American that is eligible to receive SSDI benefits qualifies for Medicare services as well. However, you have to wait 24 months after receiving approval for SSDI benefits to receive Medicare approved health services.

The federal government calls the 24 months a waiting period. If you received health insurance benefits from a former employer, you should petition the federal government to use the former health insurance policy to take care of your medical needs until the end of the 24-month long waiting period.

What Are the Benefits Of Applying For SSDI With Breast Cancer?

Incentives to Get Back to Work

The SSA does much more than offer SSDI benefits. The federal government agency also provides incentives for Americans with disabilities to get back to work. Ticket to Work is an SSA program that is the ideal match for American workers that want to return to the workplace. The employment services managed by the Ticket to Work program include Employment Networks (EN), which connects disabled workers with job opportunities matching their professional skill sets.

Speak with a Social Security Lawyer

Applying for SSDI benefits and receiving approval to access Medicare services often requires a dogged persistence. Federal red tape combined with a large number of applicants slows down the approval process. Work with an attorney who specializes in processing SSDI and Medicare applications to ensure your application receives the attention it deserves. Schedule a free case evaluation to get the ball rolling on your SSDI benefits application.

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