What Is Included In My Disability Application With Breast Cancer

If you have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer you may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits from the SSA which can help pay for your medical expenses and basic day to day needs. However, before you fill out your application for disability benefits you will need to have:

Medical Documentation

If you are not going to be able to work for at least 12 months because you have Breast Cancer you will need to have medical documentation to file with your claim. The medical documentation is the proof that your cancer is going to make it impossible for you to work for at least a year. You will need copies of all of your medical records and treatment records. You will need the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all of the doctors and case workers or advocates that you have seen. You will also need the addresses and phone numbers of any hospitals or clinics where you have received treatment.

Additionally you will need to have your doctor’s exam notes from your medical files, the expected treatments you will need to have, and a doctor’s note clarifying any limitations that you have because of your condition. For example, if your oncologist wrote in your chart that you cannot work you will need to include a copy of that note with your application for Social Security disability benefits. You will need to provide them with medicine you are taking and any lab and test results.

What Is Included In My Disability Application With Breast Cancer

Other Documentation That You Need To Include In Your Application

In addition to copies of all of your medical records and treatment plans you will need to provide proof that at one point you were working full time but now cannot work because of your Breast Cancer. A good way to provide this is to write up a summary of the job you performed and provide the name and address of your last employer. Or you can use a job description printed on company letterhead if you still have one from when you were hired. You will also need to submit your most recent W-2 to show that you earned income from that job. If you were self-employed you can use your Federal tax returns to show proof of the money you earned.

The last things that you will need to complete your application for Social Security disability benefits are your Social Security Number and an original or certified birth certificate or a baptismal certificate.

How an Attorney Social Security Attorney Can Help you with your Application

Making sure that you have all the documentation that you need to support your claim can be daunting. An attorney that has experience with Social Security disability claims can be a big help guiding you through the process of filing a claim and helping you make sure that you have the right documentation to get your claim approved quickly. If your breast cancer claim is denied a Social Security disability attorney can also appeal that denial for you and try to get your claim approved. Attorneys that specialize in Social Security disability claims work on a contingency fee basis which means they only get paid if your claim is approved. So talk to an attorney that has experience handling Social Security disability claims today if you want to increase the chances that your claim will get approved quickly.

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