Common Accidental Injuries That Can Result in Disabilities

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Every year many people are the victims of accidental injuries which could lead to long term disabilities. They may have taken place in a car accident, at work, or even when cycling on a busy highway.

The sorts of injuries that commonly occur are back and neck injuries, spinal cord injuries and broken bones. Many injuries lead to long term disabilities such as arthritis where the victim has difficulties performing everyday tasks and are unable to earn a living.

How to Qualify for Disability Benefits with Back and Neck Injuries

When back and neck injuries take place this can lead to damaged discs, spinal injuries, or fractured vertebrae. These accidental injuries are so painful that the victim may be eligible to receive disability benefits.

How to Qualify for Disability Benefits with a Spinal Cord Injury

A spinal cord injury is listed in the Social Security Administration (SSA) Blue Book under section 1.04—Disorders of the Spine. In order to qualify for disability benefits under the spinal cord injury listing, you will need to provide medical evidence that shows damage to the spinal cord.

Also you should be able to offer proof that your spinal injury has caused nerve root compression which causes pain, weakness, and an inability to move effectively without the need for some type of support. This must be shown by providing medical images, doctors’ statements and your medical record showing the treatment you have been receiving.

How to Apply For Social Security Disability Benefits Online

How to Qualify for Disability Benefits With Broken Bones

Normally, if bones are broken in an accidental injury, they heal. However, sometimes broken bones may lead to arthritis which is a debilitating medical condition that prevents the victim from working and leading a normal life.

Arthritis may cause your joints to function badly due to distortions like misalignments, shortening of the joint or persistent pain. When your arthritis is too bad for you to work you may qualify for disability benefits.

Arthritis qualifies for disability benefits under section 14.00 in the SSA Blue Book which is “Immune System Disorders”.

There needs to be a persistent inflammation or deformity of your major joints which affects your organs. There needs to be an inflammation or deformity of the spine and/or its surrounding organs, or inflammatory arthritis appears often which may limit your movement, social functioning, and daily life.

How to Qualify for Disability Benefits with a Head Injury

If you have received your accidental injuries in a serious auto accident which are serious head injuries such as a TBI you may qualify for disability benefits.

TBI is found in section 11.18 of the SSA’s Blue Book To meet the criteria set out in the Blue Book , you need to ensure that the medical documents you submit indicates your limitations due to the TBI.

The limitations from TBI may include memory loss or having difficulties concentrating. You may also experience dizziness, blurred vision or fatigue making it hard to work in a job.  You will need to provide evidence that shows your TBI will not allow you to work for at least 12 months.

If an accidental injury has left you with a permanent disability, then you may qualify for disability benefits.

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