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What Percent of SSDI Claims Are Approved at Reconsideration?

Submitted by Eric on Fri, 12/09/2022 - 09:30

If you have applied for disability benefits, the chances are that your original application was denied. This doesn’t stop you getting disability benefits, but you do need to start the appeal process with the SSA.

Many more disability benefits are approved at some stage of the appeal process, which is a series of steps.

When Do Social Security Disability Benefits Start?

Submitted by Eric on Fri, 12/09/2022 - 09:23

It is worth knowing that social security benefits typically do not start immediately after submitting an application to the Social Security Administration (SSA).

There is a statutory ‘waiting period’ of five months after you develop a disability, even if you apply for a benefit immediately you stop working. This date is called the ‘alleged onset date’.

What Do I Need If I Apply For SSDI Online?

Submitted by Eric on Wed, 09/28/2022 - 15:45

If you apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) online through, there are some documents and evidence that you will need to help you with the claims process.

Hard medical evidence and supporting documentation are essential to the success of your disability claim and getting access to the disability benefits that you need to cover basic expenses.

How Much Does Disability Benefits Pay?

Submitted by Eric on Mon, 09/26/2022 - 16:25

If you have a medical condition that keeps you from working and earning a living, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. However, you must meet specific medical criteria as well as other requirements.

Those monthly disability benefits can be helpful to your income, and help you cover basic living expenses. Here is a closer look at how much you could receive in monthly disability benefits.

How Do Disability Benefits Work?

Submitted by Eric on Mon, 06/27/2022 - 16:52

Disability benefits are funded through the Social Security Administration (SSA) for those who are unable to work because of a disabling condition. To qualify for Social Security disability, you must meet specific medical criteria. 

You must provide hard medical evidence and supporting documentation to back up your claim and to confirm the severity of your condition and to back up your inability to work. A disability attorney can help you maneuver the claims process.

I Have A 100% VA Disability Rating. Can I Get Disability?

Submitted by Eric on Thu, 06/16/2022 - 16:38

If you have a VA rating of 100% P&T, you may qualify for disability benefits, but you are not guaranteed benefits. VA benefits and Social Security disability benefits are both federal government programs, but both have very different requirements. Here is a closer look at qualifying for Social Security Disability benefits after having a 100% VA disability rating.