Frustrated Disability Claimant Crashes Van into Local Office

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Many of us know how frustrating the Social Security Disability claim process can be. For some, it is easier than for others. A few fortunate disability applicants receive access to their Social Security Disability benefits in a few short months. Most, however, have to wait a year or more before benefits begin – if they begin at all.

Many Social Security Disability applicants cope with their frustrations, having faith that everything will work out in the end. Others do not have as much patience with the Social Security system, as was evidenced recently when a disgruntled Social Security Disability applicant ran his van into his local Social Security Office.

Forty-seven-year-old Douglas David McCallum of Kingsley, Michigan ran his van through the front office of his local Social Security office when he became frustrated after six years of appealing the denial of his Social Security Disability benefits. He reportedly put his van into reverse and accelerated it directly through the front entrance of the building until his van rested halfway through the building's entry on Sunday, July 2nd.

Unfortunately, it does not look like Mr. McCallum's efforts will pay off. Instead of being awarded disability benefits, he may be facing up to five years in prison for malicious destruction of property.

Mr. McCallum admits that his actions were wrong. He does say, however, that his actions were caused by his extreme frustration with the Social Security Administration and by “years of being screwed over by the government.”

Douglas McCallum has had to go through numerous appeals in an attempt to overturn the Social Security Administration's decision to deny his disability benefits. As most Social Security Disability applicants are aware, the appeals process often takes one to two years to complete. A wait time of six years is unusual and it is no wonder that Douglas McCallum experienced such high levels of stress and frustration with the Social Security Administration and the disability claim process.

Fortunately, neither McCallum nor any innocent bystanders were injured in the accident. Police have noted that McCallum did not seem to be under the influence of any alcohol or drugs when he ran his van into the entryway.

Robert Simpson of the Social Security Administration said that he has handled unhappy disability claimants in the past, but none has ever acted out their frustrations with such violence. It would seem that even though the Social Security Disability claim process can be harrowing and even down-right miserable for many of the people who need these benefits, most of the applicants are reasonable when dealing with a denial of their disability claim.

McCallum was released from custody on Monday, July 3rd, but still faces felony charges which may land him in jail for up to five years. Repair to the entrance of the Social Security building is expected to take several weeks, so visitors are being required to enter through a secure employee entrance.

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