Financial Assistance For Disabled Family Members

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Do you have a close family member who is struggling financially as a result of having a disability? If so, be aware that various programs exist which may provide the support they need. Noteworthy examples include the following:

Social Security Disability Benefits

Two federal programs offer disability benefits through the Social Security Administration (SSA) for which your family member may be eligible:

Consider helping your loved one apply for these programs. Just be aware that, because the application process can involve gathering substantial medical evidence, and because the SSA tends to deny initial claims, it may be wise to enlist the help of a lawyer when filing a disability claim. Additionally, if the SSA approves your loved one’s application, they may not be able to work.

State Programs

SSDI and SSI are federal programs. This means that people in the United States—regardless of which state they live in—could qualify for SSDI or SSI if they have a medical condition that is seen as a disability by the SSA and meets their criteria for qualifying. Oftentimes, individual states also have their own disability programs for which your loved one might qualify.

The best way to determine what types of programs your state offers is to consult the website for your state’s Department of Health and Human Services (or the equivalent local department). State programs may offer assistance to help your loved one secure housing, food, and other such basic needs.

ABLE Accounts

ABLE accounts are special savings accounts for individuals with disabilities. Typically, an individual with an ABLE account may use the funds for their basic needs, such as food.

It is important for you to be aware of the fact that income level and assets can influence whether an applicant qualifies for government benefits. One of the many reasons some choose to start ABLE accounts is that such accounts allow them to save money without negatively impacting their eligibility for benefits from federal and state programs.

Independent Living Centers

If your family member desires working and living independently, you should consider finding an independent living center in your area that is qualified to serve their needs. The purpose of these centers is to offer services such as skills training, job coaching, etc. These centers may also assist people with disabilities by tending to their basic needs.

Non-Profit Assistance

Many non-profit programs offer financial assistance to those struggling with specific conditions or disabilities. Conduct online research to determine if any such programs or organizations exist for people with your family member’s condition.

Get Help With Your Family Member’s SSD Claim

Instead of choosing one option from this list, it is best to explore all of your potential options when attempting to secure financial assistance for your loved one. You may start by filing an SSD claim.

Just remember, hiring a lawyer can help you put together a thorough claim and may boost your odds of receiving an approval. At the very least, consulting with a lawyer will help you better understand your options. Get started by completing the Free Case Evaluation on this page to get connected with a disability attorney who can help today.

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