How to Get Approved for Disability Benefits

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It can take a long time to get disability benefits since the qualification criteria can be very strict and detailed. Here are a few quick tips on how best to file a disability claim and how to become approved for Social Security Disability benefits.

First of all, you must prepare yourself for an interview with the Social Security Administration (SSA). Make sure that you have the Social Security medical and job worksheet, along with the SSA-3381 form completed in full and correctly. You should provide the SSA with all the information needed to get your application processed, such as your place and date of birth, your Social Security number and bank account number and routing numbers (if you are looking for direct deposit of the benefits).

You also must provide the amount of your earnings from the last year and from the current year, the name and address of your employer, any active military service you have performed before the age of 68 and a current Social Security statement.

Next, you need to provide information about your current or prior spouse, including name, date of birth and Social Security number. The SSA needs copies of all your medical records and information about your illness, disability, work history and any workers compensation claims that you made or will make in the future.

Generally, to be eligible for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration, your disability must be expected to last for at least one year or result in death.

The best way to speed up the process and to get approved faster for Social Security Disability is to talk to a Social Security Disability attorney or disability advocate. A disability lawyer will guide you through the often tedious and drawn-out process of applying for disability benefits and help make it as manageable as possible for you.

Choosing a Social Security lawyer who has experience helping people apply for Social Security Disability benefits can only be beneficial to your Social Security Disability claim. If you get disability help from a lawyer, he or she will ensure that you have properly and accurately completed all the necessary paperwork and are fully prepared for your disability hearing.

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