Lockheed Martin Lands Deal with the Social Security Administration

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In January of this year, the Lockheed Martin Corporation was officially contracted to deliver the Social Security Administration a $2 Million disability case processing system. This high-profile project that is slated for the next six years is expected to vastly improve the volume, speed, and accuracy of cases the SSA is able to process on a regular basis, as well as provide one nationwide, integrated system to handle all of the processing functions for disability claims. Some efforts to streamline the process already utilized by the SSA include the Electronic Disability Folder and the Electronic Records Express.

Lockheed Martin has indicated that they will be working closely with an IT ‘Dream Team’ that includes three companies based in Atlanta and Maryland. At the top of the list is Iron Data Solutions, LLC., which currently hosts its own disability case processing systems in 47 different states. There can be no doubt that Lockheed’s 20-year relationship with the SSA, as well as their record for other successful technological contracts with the military and other government agencies have established the groundwork to make this partnership successful.

The main goal of the project is to create a web-based claims processing system for all states that is fully integrated with current SSA processes. Until now, the SSA has had to maintain separate systems for 54 different sites, both state and federal. The streamlining, upgrading, and integration of these sites will allow for greater speed in processing cases, with a total goal of 4 million cases annually.

By centralizing their disability case processing systems, the Social Security Administration expects to save money spent on system maintenance and upkeep. Not only this, but having all states’ sites “on the same page” will create more accuracy and dependability across the board, increasing client satisfaction and raising the SSA’s reputation.

But the greatest advantage of this new system is the speed at which disability claims will now be able to be processed. IT technology has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, and it is in the best interest of every business and agency to keep up with it and utilize it effectively. The SSA has chosen wisely to partner with the best in this field to engineer a system that will revolutionize the way disability claims are processed, both now and in the future.

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