Which Medical Records are Best for Winning My Claim?

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Anyone who has applied for Social Security Disability benefits understands that medical records play a crucial role in the decision that is made by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Without the right medical evidence you have no way of proving the extent of your disability, and therefore have no way to support your claim for Social Security Disability benefits.

The only way to support your claim for disability benefits is through proper medical documentation and that means getting copies of the proper medical records. The question is, which medical records are the best when it comes to proving the extent of your disability? The following information will help.

The Timing of Your Records

You’ll want medical reports that establish a history of your medical condition. However, while a past medical history is important to your case current medical records are even more important.

You will need current medical records to show the extent of your condition in the present time in addition to a history of how the condition progressed.

Treatment History

In some cases the SSA will not approve a Social Security Disability claim without a detailed treatment history outlining what treatments were administered and how your condition responded to those treatments.

This is why it is important to ensure that you include your treatment history with the medical records you provide to the SSA.

Which Medical Records are Best for Winning My Claim?

Notes From Your Doctor

In addition to current medical records and a detailed treatment history, written statements from your treating physician are important to your claim for disability benefits. Your treating physician can shed light on how your disability interferes with your ability to perform full-time work activity. The more medical records you have that proves that your disability is so severe that you can no longer for for at least 12 months could be one of the signs that you will be approved for disability.

Even if you are required to go for a consultative exam, the written statement from your treating physician will be given more weight so it is important to include this with your application for Social Security Disability benefits. 

Work with a Social Security Lawyer

When filing for disability benefits you want to ensure that you have a sufficient collection of all of the above records in order to increase your chances of an approval of your benefits. Working with a disability lawyer can help ensure that you have the medical evidence that will be needed to support your disability claim.

Because disability lawyers work with disability claims on a regular basis, they understand what records the SSA will need in order to approve your claim for benefits.

When you retain the services of a disability lawyer, the professional you hire can help you gather the necessary medical records, thereby strengthening your claim for disability benefits from the SSA.

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