Younger Americans Do Not Benefit as Much as Senior Citizens from Medicare

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Almost all US citizens who are above 65 years old seem to know that Medicare is an encompassing insurance system that is ready to provide them medical services and benefits at low costs. However, not all younger Americans know that the program, through Social Security Disability, can also be their lifeline. It appears that Medicare does not work as well for the 8 million younger enrollees.

According to an article at, statistics tell that individuals who are less than 65 years of age undergo more hardships in attempting to avail Medicare benefits. The Kaiser Family Foundation conducted a survey from 2008 to 2009 which involved 4,000 Medicare beneficiaries. It likewise showed that individuals under the age of 65 encounter more difficulties in terms of paying for the medical services. Only a bare 18% of the senior citizens expressed troubles in paying, while half of the younger population admitted they are likely to default in their contributions. Consequently, their low-earning situations become more depressing.

It was also discovered that although this program is geared towards helping senior citizens, the majority of them are not disabled. Instead, the racially diverse and less educated younger population is less able and more unfit to work. The Medicare Policy Project’s findings further established that younger beneficiaries struggle more in looking for prescription coverage, even with the Medicare Part D plans. They are also not able to avail the Medicare advantages if they have received Social Security Disability benefits for more than 2 years.

Nevertheless, dually eligible beneficiaries enjoy both Medicare and Medicaid coverage. Compared to those who only have Medicare insurance, they manifested lesser problems. After mass efforts and some hard steps taken by officials, beneficiaries are also more positive with the new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. It is expected to provide them with additional assistance. The 24-month waiting period for availing the health care coverage for those who had already been declared eligible for SSDI is also likely to be reduced.

Even if there are not enough choices in the hands of younger beneficiaries, they can surely utilize web resources to search for valuable information regarding Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security Disability benefits. In the same line, if you or your dear one is below the age of 65 and is seeking the Medicare and Medicaid coverage, then you can consult a Social Security attorney for advice. An informed lawyer can assist you with valuable information regarding getting medical health insurance.

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