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How can you prove a mental disability to the SSA?

Proving the existence of a disabling condition is one of the key objectives of your Social Security Disability claim. Undeniably, this relies heavily upon the results of medical tests and physical ability evaluations (known as Residual Functional Capacity (RFC) forms in disability terminology) provided from your treating physician(s). Although mental impairments can be just as disabling as physical ones, they are often more difficult to prove because of the absence of conclusive testing methods, concrete evidence, and the lack of consistency in observable symptoms.

What is Mitt Romney’s Stance on Social Security Disability?

In the heat of debates among Republican presidential nominees, the topic of Social Security reform has stood out from the rest as highly controversial and potentially crucial, especially in states such as Florida which have a high population of retirees dependent on the SSA’s retirement or disability benefits program.

GOP candidate Mitt Romney, former Massachusetts governor, has received criticism from both political parties for his seemingly changing stance on the presidential debates’ hot topic.

Sen. Patty Murray calls for changes to Veteran Disability

Veterans of the U.S. military could be entitled to receive compensation for any disability resulting (or worsened) by injuries or diseases related to their military service. Currently, those applying for Veterans’ disability benefits who experience multiple symptoms are required to undergo a doctor’s examination to determine what portion of each symptoms is related to their service-related disability. Last November, Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) contacted the Secretary of the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) asking that this requirement be eliminated.

Bismark, ND DDS Employees Honored for Outstanding Work for the Disabled

At a time when the headlines are full of criticism of the Social Security Administration (SSA)’s SSDI and SSI programs, one headline stands out as an example of the outstanding efforts of some individuals in helping deserving applicants receive the benefits they deserve in a timely manner.

The Bismark, North Dakota Department of Human Services recently recognized its Disability Determination Services (DDS) team, made up of 23 employees, for their excellence in fast, accurate processing of disability cases which come through their office.

How will the SSA’s New ALJ Policy Affect Disability Claimants

If a disabled worker is denied Social Security disability benefits at the first two stages in the disability application process, the next step of appeal requires submitting a “Request for Hearing by Administrative Law Judge” form. Although virtually all of these requests are granted, due to a large backlog of claims, the wait for a hearing can be a year or more. Many Social Security applicants use this time to work with their disability attorney to prepare for their hearing.

What Impact Will a Payroll Tax Holiday Have on Social Security Disability?

To the United States Senate and House of Representatives, the New Year brings new legislation and debates about keeping the previous year’s legislation. The current debate about whether or not to extend the payroll tax holiday is inciting fear of the continuing effects to the Social Security Trust Fund versus the impact of spending losses in the economy.

How Do I Get a Copy of My Disability Award Letter?

When you’re approved for Social Security Disability benefits, you’ll receive a copy of the decision in the mail that approves your benefits, and shortly thereafter, a Social Security Notice of Award letter. This important document explains how your disability payments were calculated, when you’ll receive them, and any retroactive benefits that you may be entitled to (if you were found disabled as of a past date).

Can Military Service Members Receive Faster Claim Processing for Disability Benefits?

Members of the military who were injured while on active duty and after October 1, 2001 are eligible for expedited processing of their Social Security Disability applications. This is the case regardless of whether the injury occurred in the United States or elsewhere.

November 2011 is Lung Cancer Awareness Month

This month, people across the nation will take action to raise lung-cancer awareness, as part of Lung Cancer Awareness Month (LCAM). By organizing rallies and fund-raising events, speaking with the media, and distributing educational activities, they hope to bring attention to the devastating disease that kills more people than any other type of cancer. Although LCAM is celebrated nationwide, only Maine and New Jersey have officially proclaimed November as LCAM. A campaign run by the Lung Cancer Alliance hopes to result in many more states making the declaration.


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