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Social Security Benefits Go Fully Electronic Next Year

The payment of Social Security benefits began in the form of physical checks mailed to beneficiaries of course, given that no other means of making payment was available at the time. With the advent of electronic payment options, the Social Security Administration (SSA) gave beneficiaries a choice of how they wished to receive their benefits: through standard mail via check or through electronic funds transfers to their own bank account or to a dedicated debit card.

March is National MS Education and Awareness Month.

Since 2003, March has been recognized in the US as National MS Education and Awareness Month. During National MS Education and Awareness Month, the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation (MSF) and other likeminded organizations make a concerted effort to raise public awareness of Multiple Sclerosis. The MSF also raises money to help fund research and otherwise combat the disease.

National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

March has been recognized as National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month since 1987. Then-President Ronald Reagan at that time called for the American people to build understanding and encouragement, and to provide new opportunities for people who have developmental difficulties and disabilities.

People with developmental disabilities are capable to leading fulfilling, productive lives, but may need help from society and government.

How do Social Security Disability Benefits work for Military Service Members?

If you are a current or former US military service member and are disabled, you may be entitled to expedited processing on Social Security Disability claims. Disabled service members and veterans who have served since October, 2001 qualify, whether or not their disability was a direct result of military service (or whether it even occurred during their time of service).

ALJ Hearing Questions about Sitting and Standing

If you have filed for disability and are waiting for your hearing date to be set, it is a good idea to become familiar with the hearing process so you know what to expect and are not caught off guard by the questions you will be asked and the information you will be required to provide, since this is the most crucial stage in the disability determination process. At this stage, the majority of claims which have been denied at previous levels of the disability application process will be approved. However, this does not mean you are guaranteed an approval.

What's Considered a "Medically Determinable Impairment"?

Qualifying and being approved for Social Security Disability is not as simple as reporting symptoms you claim are disabling to the SSA in your disability application. The SSA has a very specific definition of what qualifies as a disability. In layman’s terms, the SSA’s definition of a disability is the inability to work and earn sufficient income because of a medically verifiable condition expected to last at least twelve months.


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