Anxiety Disorder, Panic Attacks, Depression

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I've been on disability since I was 18 for Anxiety Disorder, Panic Attacks, Depression, and symptoms of paranoia schizophrenia (although never officially diagnosed with it). I got a letter from the Disability Determination Service, and now they are sending me to a state doctor to see if I am still having these issues (I guess my current psychiatrist's notes werent enough or something) anyway, do I need to get an attorney now? I know I am still having these issues, and my panic attacks are worse than ever. I can't go out in public for very long without having panic attacks, and my anxiety and depression are causing issues with sleeping and being able to concentrate in general. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I am having the same issue.What do we do.

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I have tried many different drugs like risperdal but it wasnt til I finally found this specific medication RISPERDAL and it really helped my symptoms. However I was jerked off this and several others like Xanax and I had a mental breakdown. This was probably 6 months ago. I am no longer taking anything but what I am able to find myself which I am aware that this is an unacceptable behaivor but was unable to stop the seiozures from not having the xanax so I feel I was left with no choice. I am now unable to function in todays society to the point that I do not even come out of my room anymore. Ive left my fiance to care for my 20 month old child who is also disabled. My family says find a new doctor and I cannot even make an appointment for the life of me! I dont even use a telephone anymore. I do want I have tried in 2011 to get SSI-Disability and was unable to get a lawyer. I need help to get my life on a road that is somewhat happy again. I still have financial needs and am a burden to my fimily as they have let me know on several occasions. I do not know where to even start at this point. Help but I feel that I am unable at this point... HELP ME!

Amy (not verified)

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I know your post was over a year ago, and I have no advice for you. It's just that you sound like my daughter (she's 23.) She doesn't leave her room much; can't use the phone, etc. I was just wondering how you are doing.

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My Dr. believes I will qualify for disability. I have always worked since I was 16. If I were to be accepted, could I work part time in a job that would not aggravate my mental disability?


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Hi Kathy,

You can work part time while on disability benefits as long as your earnings don't exceed the amount of money that is set by the SSA each year called the "substantial gainful activity" or SGA. The SGA for non-blind people in 2017 is $1,170 a month.

Best Wishes,

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What benefits will be given by the Social Security Program/s to those who are suffering from mental conditions such as depression? And any age range for these programs? Thank you.


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Every case is different, but you could be entitled to SSDI benefits if you suffer from mental conditions, though it's not the easiest case to win.

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i have alot of different medical issues mental and physical , how long does it take for a disability claim to go through and do you think i qualify, i have lyme disease, chronic PTSD, chronic anxiety, chronic depression, asthma, thyroid disorder, anemia, iron deficiency, gastritis with stomach bleeding, panic attacks, etc. some days i puke blood terribly and am in so much pain i can barely move, some days my legs hurt so bad from the lyme disease that i can barely walk, some days everything hurts and some days im okay and can play with my three old just fine, but when i was working i literally would go in for a 4 hour shift and come home basically dead to the world and couldn't do anything with my son. so i would like to know if you have seen cases like mine, if you know how long it could take and if i have a chance.... i also have a paper from the doctor stating all of these things!


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Hi Mercedes,

I am sorry to hear that, but unfortunately there is no black and white answer on how long it will take for a disability claim to go through.

It's good that you have papers from your doctor though, the more medical evidence you have, the better your chances of winning your claim.


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