Do Single Parents caring for a Disabled/Special Needs Child Qualify for Assistance through SSI for caring for his/her Child?

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I have taken care of my disabled child since 98 and never was able to work because I had no one else who wanted to care for my child and couldn't afford or wasn't willing to place him in a center without me.

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Hi there,
Caregivers would not be eligible for benefits through SSI, however because a child's eligibility for benefits is based on their parent's incomes and financial resources, the child of someone who is a full time unpaid caretaker may be eligible for benefits.

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my son is ADD<ADHD and Bi-polar would he qualify


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He might be eligible for either SSDI or SSI benefits. I would recommend filling out an application online to see if he would.

Best Wishes,

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I care for my disabled son who has epileptic can not be unattended I am a single parent can not work do i qualify for assistance


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Hi Raymond,

I am sorry to hear that. Your son may be able to qualify for SSI benefits. However, you yourself cannot get assistance for being his caretaker.

Brenda (not verified)
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I have a son that has trematic brain injury and have lost so many jobs due to the care of him he does get ssd but it isnt enough for us and his two brothers to live on i have a hard time paying every months bills unable to keep jobs due to having to be home with him he will be 17 in August and i feel like we are loosing everything because i cant keep a job..his care is every day to day fewding dressing, diapers , unable to walk talk or even chew food, so ever day for him if full care and seizers on top of it all. My question is people keep on telling me there is a progam out there where i can get payed for his care but i cant seem to find anything and i am starting to worrie about my other children where i have a hard time to getting bills payed every month and i dont want to loose our house..

Crystal Story (not verified)

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Hi my son is severely most fun. He does not walk he does not talk and he is 8 years old I am the only one caring for him seems that everyone else is scared to take care of him due to his condition on top of he has a seizure disorder in a illness called NF1 he needs around-the-clock care and it's only me I am a single parent and have no one else to take care of him do I qualify for Social Security as well as my son


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Hi Crystal,

Your son may qualify. He would need to meet the SSA's Blue Book listing for NF1. If he meets the medical qualifications, he also has to meet the technical qualification. Because of his age, he would be applying for SSI (Supplemental Security Income). SSI is income based, so if you make a decent income he will not qualify. You can call the SSA at 1-800-772-1213 to talk about your specific situation to see if he'll qualify technically. Or make an appointment to visit your local SSA office.

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I am the sole surviving parent of an adult disabled child. Both my child and I receive ss benefits. I am engaged and my fiancé is planning to move in with us. Will his income affect my social security benefit? If so, what are the income perameters?


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Hi Leslie,

It depends on the type of benefits you receive. If it is SSI getting married may as SSI is based on household income.

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i have ptsd, msd,borderline personality, i get panic attacks wich are set off my some triggers and it has made me loose jobs or quit, it has caused alot of issues it ruind my marriage and lost custody of my daughter i ended up denied medicade so i cant take my meds i cant afford them or therapy for my ptsd, I finnaly after 13 years of being on different meds and 5 inpatient hospitals begging for help , I finnaly found the right medication i am homeless due to not being able to work and i have tried everything for getting help and you are my last hope in getting my life back and being a mom again to my beautiful daughter could i qaulify and what are my chances of of getting ssc

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My son suffered a traumatic brain injury as an infant and the language center of his brain was affected. He was in speech therapy for 2 year, but now speaks very clearly. He is in kindergarten and has now been diagnosed with dyslexia. We live in a very rural area and then only way to get him therapies and appointments is if I take off of work because i am a single parent with no local help. I also have 2 other children and I dont know what to do to prevent us from being homeless. Would my son qualify for benefits even if he is considered "high functioning"?


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Hi Brittany,

It would be tough since he is high functioning. You could try to apply for SSI benefits. If you wish to do so, you can schedule an appointment at your local SSA office. Wishing you and your family nothing but the best.

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Can an moderate to highly autistic child receive health insurance care benefits? Not looking for income assistance as I won't qualify for supplemental. Just need health care assistance for all of his therapy needs


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Hi Anne,

Unfortunately I don't think I could give you an accurate answer regarding that. You may want to talk to your insurance provider regarding that. Best of luck to you and your son.

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I have a 11month old disabled son I am unable to work due to having to take care of him. Will I or any wanna in my family qualify for caregiving assistances


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Hi Haley,

Your son may qualify for SSI. You'll have to check the SSA's Blue Book to see if/how his condition qualifies medically. To technically qualify, you can check here to see if you meet the income qualifications:

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I have a 13year old child with autism,ptsd ,anxiety ,adhd,add and my other child 12 with adhd,add,anxiety,ptsd,dmdd,sleep disorders and my 3 year old with sencitive disorders speech problems and adhd im going thru divorce haven't work can i qualified for some help


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Hi Allison,

I would review the SSA's Blue Book (list of all qualifying conditions & how they qualify) with your children's pediatrician to see if any of them meet the medical requirements.

Your children will also need to meet the technical qualifications for SSI. You can check this chart ( to see if you are within the income limits!

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