Lump sum back payment

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 09/26/2011 - 13:04

I received two lump sum payments, but I have not spent all of the funds. I want to make a funeral arrangement and buy a car. How soon must I spend the lump sum payment.

Rose (not verified)
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I don't know why I don't see the question I posted yesterday so I'll post it again. My husband had his hearing on 5/26/17 and everything went really well. The lawyer felt that it was a done deal but we still haven't heard anything one way or the other. When should we expect to hear from anyone?


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Hi Rose,
I really could not say as every case is different and as such it can take varying amounts of time to receive a decision. Hang in there!

Tina Wilson (not verified)
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I was wanting to know if I can get an advance on my check cause I am homeless and I need it for shelter and food

Tonya P (not verified)
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My baby cousin received a first time lump sum payment of $2199 on December 2016. The Social Security Rep told her payee she would need to provide proof/receipts of that money used for that child for that month only. Really? Also the money could only be used for disability purposes for the child only excluding food and clothes. Really? I am confused about the disability items...Please help


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HI Tonya,
Your cousin's payee may need to save receipts for anything that they buy with the money, and they may be able to buy food and clothing for the child with it. They may want to contact their local SSA office if they are in doubt about whether a purchase is allowed.

Berthine Lawson (not verified)
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never receive any back pay in years


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Hi There,

I am so sorry to hear that. I would recommend speaking to a disability rights advocate or attorney regarding your matter.


Mindy (not verified)
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My daughter is 17 turns 18 in sept.she lost her ssi benefits last oct 2016.i (her mom)appealed it and started her ssi vheck back up again may 2017.ive been told she will get back pay of 4437 but has to be put in a separate account called a delicate account to receive totally confused on this.

Art (not verified)
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In my payment details it says 7/14/17 one time payment 10,000 I'm I getting that deposit in my account

Lisa Gist (not verified)
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I received my 1st back pay instalment in Feb.2017. When would I get my 2nd instalment or how could I find out

K (not verified)
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I received my first check last month this month was told i would receive my first pay check for back pay and today i called a man said that its pending now i really need the money i took paper work down there im 3 weeks behind on rent


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Hi K,

I am sorry to hear that, one can apply for expedited payments. I would recommend calling the SSA to see if you would qualify. 1-800-772-1213.


Wallace (not verified)
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My son get ssi and is owed back pay we got the first one and it said we would get it ever six months but we are going on 8 months now and stoll no payment

lucy (not verified)
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my question they own me back payment i would like to know i gave them my account numbr so are they going to send me the money they own me in my account or a check in the house


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Hi Lucy,
If you're receiving SSDI benefits, they should be sent to you about four months after you start monthly benefits.

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