Investing SSDI dependent benefits and back pay.

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I am a disabled vet that had a rather protracted SSDI process. I ended up with the Federal District Court overturning the lower court and awarding me SSDI. This has resulted in my children receiving a large back payment.
I am also medically retired from the US Army and receive compensation.

I don't need to use their back pay nor their monthly pay for my children's monthly expenses. So their back pay and monthly pay goes into their own accounts to which I am named guardian or custodian.

This leaves me with a few questions:
1. Can I invest their back pay in something like a 529 education fund? Or, more broadly speaking, can I invest their back pay for their future benefit?
2. Can I invest their monthly pay for their future benefit?

Thank you for your help,

Dave (not verified)
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I won a second look in federal district court.. But my atty that got this done is no longer going to handle this . So I need an atty that will take over a Federal District Ct hearing. I'm from Michigan City Indiana any suggests?

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