over 55 will this make a difference?

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I have a question, say someone is 57 and social security feels they can perform" light work" and they have had the same job for 20 years BUT the illness they have now knocks their RFC to light work and now not allow them to do that work any longer.

But their medical issue is listed now as Moderate. But they cannot do their previous work due to their RFC as their previous job was heavy work.

Does that illness being " moderate" instead of severe make a difference? I ask because the RFC went from heavy to light and this person cannot do their previous work and they are 57.

Provided they have 12 th grade education and non transferable skills and now cannot do their previous work due to their illness would that person being 57 most likely be granted SSDI?

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Hi there,
Age and ability to be re-trained do have a big impact on eligibility for benefits. You may want to speak with a disability advocate or attorney about your case, they can consult with you about your case, for free. You can get in touch with one by filling out the form on the left, and you can also have one reach out to you by filling out the form here:

Bill Pataki (not verified)
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I have accident im April, going through physical, then I had spinal cord surgery, applied for SSD, SSD sent me form to fill my last few jobs in past 15 years, showing lifting, moving walking requirement at the old jobs.
I want to see why they are asking these.


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HI Bill,
The SSA wants to know about your work history to better understand what work you'd be able to be re-trained to do.

Lori Koss (not verified)
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Checking on status. Lupus has been added to my diagnosis.

Steve (not verified)
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If I am entitled backpay, for say 3 years, would my child who is under 18 be entiltled to back pay for the same amount of time?


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Yes, so long as the child was also eligible for the entire three years! An exception would be a newborn child or a stepchild/adopted child who became part of the family recently.

Larry (not verified)
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My wife has Parkinson's and currently gets disability. She is 58 and has been receiving benefits for several years. She gets progressively worse each year and falls a lot and has memory problems. I am 70 and also disabled. Our granddaughter lives with us and takes care of our daily needs. Why are they re-evaluating my wife's disability.


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Hi Larry,

I am so sorry to hear that. I can't say for sure why they are re-evaluating your wife's disability. The best thing to do is to have all of her medical information and documents up to date.

Jeri (not verified)
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I am 55 and collecting social security disability benefits under my work history. My ex husband is 57 ( we were married for 30 yrs) If he is also collecting disability benefits, am I entitled to receive more money ?


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Hi Jeri,

Below I have outlined how someone can receive benefits from an ex spouse. In your case, it does not look like you are eligible for additional money. If you have more questions, I would recommend contacting your local SSA office.

Divorced Spousal Benefits-If your ex-spouse qualifies for Social Security Disability Insurance, you may be eligible to receive divorced spouse’s benefits. This is the case if:

You were married to the person for over ten years;
You are at least 62 years old;
You are currently unmarried; and
You are not eligible for a larger Social Security payment on your own record.

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