Lump sum back payment

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 09/26/2011 - 13:04

I received two lump sum payments, but I have not spent all of the funds. I want to make a funeral arrangement and buy a car. How soon must I spend the lump sum payment.


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Unfortunately many kinds of income can affect SSI payments, even SSDI back pay. Have you considered receiving 50% of his SSDI benefits if you're over age 50?

JACKLEE (not verified)
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I got approved back in October, 1st payment ( monthly payment) was in November.. Got a letter in October saying how much was the back pay was going to be, and it also said they would let me know when I would get my dedication back pay ( letter said within 30 to 60 days)... Well it's been more then 60 days n haven't heard anything nor no deposits have been made...... How long does it take for them to deposit the back pay into ur account after u get approved n have started receiving ur monthly payments ??


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Hi Jacklee,

I'm sorry to hear that! Many people here say it takes around four months after payments start so you should be receiving your payment any day now.

David (not verified)
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I got a lump sum in August and am not sure if that has to be claimed on my taxes this year? And do I pay taxes on the lump sum?? It was for survivor benefits.


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Hi David,
You may be liable for taxes on that money, it may be a good idea to contact the SSA at 1-800-772-1213.

Hector (not verified)
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I was approved on June 2nd 2017. did not receive my first benefit check until September 1, 2017. Would I still be owed for the months of June, July, August. Please help

Calista stout (not verified)
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How much longer will it take for my approval


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HI Calista,
You may want to contact them by calling 1-800-772-1213. We are not affiliated with the SSA or the federal government.

Calista stout (not verified)
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In diaer need for some of my back pay I took bills and a statement from my landlord but not getting any response here it is almost Christmas and I have 4 kids don't want to be homeless on christmas

Alex (not verified)
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My 14 year old son has a disability and don't like to ride a bus cause kids tease him. So when he got his first lump sum of 2,000 dollars I paid a 2,000 dollar down payment on a car. That way may 18 it's been seven months and he haven't received nothing but wht

Toya (not verified)
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Was approved for back pay for my daughter received the first installment of $2,200 I was wanting to know if I can request more and how much time can I request some more money because she needs apartment and things for her apartment

Toya (not verified)
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How long for second back payment to come in

Anonymous (not verified)
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I got two thousand and my back pay for disability in November I had to pay rent I have emergency so you kind of need to buy a car is there any way that they would let me draw some money out of my back pay


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Hi there,
You may be able to receive expedited back pay if you can provide the SSA some documentation about your need ( like an eviction notice, overdue bills, ect). You may want to contact a local SSA office regarding this.

Anonymous (not verified)
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I would only need to draw out 500 cuz the car is 350 I'd be buying it from my mom to 2006 Corolla


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Hi there,
If you're waiting for your back pay you'll unfortunately need to wait till your 6 month waiting period is up--the only exceptions are for medical emergencies.

Josh (not verified)
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Hello, I'm new to this.
I'm going to be the representative payee for my mom. She is going to receive a lump sum payment of $30,000 -- some of it is SSI and some SSDI.

I was not expecting to be the rep payee and thought she would have full control of her money. My worry is she owes me a lot of money for various expenses I have paid on her behalf for 3 years while she was waiting for a decision for approval. She was going to pay me back once she got her lump sum but now I have learned that I am in charge of it being the rep payee. Can I pay myself back what she owes me?


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Hi Josh,
You should be able to do that if it was agreed upon ahead of time--I'd save some kind of transaction/agreement just in case!

renee (not verified)
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I received a call from local SSI office confirming my status and asking me how I prefer my payment she said she would mail a paper check then apply for SSI visa Card.later. She said I will get $2005 dollars in 3-7 days and I received forms stating what the call was regarding , however I still have a upcoming rescheduled hearing w/Judge and Attorney...will this lump sum come and why before the hearing?

dawn (not verified)
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my boyfriend received a lumpsum check and his payee (his bestfriend's mom) used it to buy herself a trailer house about $22,000 he was told she will pay him back but never did. now we're living together and is asking the money back but she wont talk to him now. he doesnt want to report to ssa because he is afraid his "mom" would go to jail for it what can we do?


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Hi Dawn,
That's a tough situation! It's unknown if she'd go to jail, but she'd likely be ordered to repay it.

maryann (not verified)
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hello, my dad recently passed and my mom applied for his benefits. in the process of this she was told by a friend to check if she could get benefits from her ex husband. she was approved and is currently receiving her ex husbands benefits. Does she qualify for back pay that she could have been getting, as he passed 21 years ago.


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Hi Maryann,

I'm sorry to hear that. I do not believe that survivors are entitled to back pay, and she likely wouldn't have been eligible for 20 years of back pay anyway as you're only eligible after age 60.

Ange (not verified)
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I got my son first back paying like 3 months how long do I have to wait for the second back paying

William (not verified)
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The judge has awarded SSI back payments 3 months later she dies are we still awarded her back payment lump sum payout


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Hi William,
I am so sorry to hear that. You may not be awarded the back pay but you should receive a one-time death payment and you might be eligible for survivors' benefits.

Anonymous (not verified)
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I recently found out (on the SSA website) that I was approved for disability. It showed how much I will receive each month and said January 10th I will receive my first monthly pmt. There was no mention of back pay. I called the ss office and the lady I spoke to (very short answered and very rude) said there is nothing in her computer showing me getting back pay. Are there situations where someone does not get back pay at all? This would be devastating for my household as I have been out of work for over a year and am about to lose Everything. I applied for disability on 6/14/17 so I actually got approved pretty fast considering it takes years sometimes. I got approved with no attorney.. I don't know if that makes a difference but I'm literally in tears. Is it possible I'll get NO back pay or am I worried for nothing because it may just be too soon for it to show up in the ride lady's computer? Please help
Saidah S.


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Hi there,
I am so sorry to hear that, but it is indeed true that many people do not receive back pay. If you got approved quickly you will not be entitled to back pay, that's only for people who waited years for approval.

Andrew howell (not verified)
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How long does it take for ssi to pay 5000 in back pay

Steve (not verified)
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My judgement has been approved. I have been waiting on my back pay. Its already been 60 days


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Hi Steve,

Sorry to hear that. You can call the SSA to see if they can shed some light on when you will be receiving back pay.

Laquita Jackson (not verified)
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How much is taken out of you back payment for retirement survivor and disability

Annie (not verified)
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I am receiving my ssdi now... Here the question will or should getting back pay for both ssi & ssdi... The ssi is $8,800 & $27,150 thats before fees switch is 25% for the attorney... Already passed my 6 months waiting period received ssdi monthly now in Feb 1 for ssdi payment they said it will be much will that or is it figure? When does the ssi come in someone said after your installment monthly you will receive it and of course got told it will be installment payment all... So does ssi payment set date which i was told...if figures are in order when are the days to receive it... No calendar date just like the payment each week when your birthday falls...


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Hi Annie,
I could not say if you would be owed back pay for SSI, if you receive benefits based on your work record and they are more than $750 a month, you may not be eligible for SSI.

Jo (not verified)
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I was approved for ssd in August I received my first check in Nov for October, I still have not received my back pay, and when I called them to find out what was going on, they said they are waiting to see if I owe money to the government, which I don't. Can they do this? Is it legal? And if they can how long can they hold it?


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Hi Jo,
It usually takes about four months to receive back pay after you start receiving monthly payments for SSDI, so you may receive your back pay around Februrary. They can check if you owe money to the government when they do that.

Judy (not verified)
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What are the requirements you need to get some of your back pay is there a list of things that will show you what they will give back pay for if you need it


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Hi Judy,
I'm not aware of any list, but if it's something like food, shelter, or transportation, the SSA may be able to pay back pay earlier than the scheduled times due to dire need.

judy robinson (not verified)
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lump some benefits after spouse's death that hasn't been recevied

leonard (not verified)
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i was on ssi they moved me to ssdi adult child, i recieved my backpay of 11K now for SSI and medi-cal shows all these backpay rules to keep it but whats called the pickle amendment allows me to keep my medi-cal, but wondering what the rules are for me as far as my medi-cal with the lump sum, like on SSI says its countable income but im not on ssi, so as far as the medi-cal portion what do i do? when i was on SSI i NEVER talked to anyone from medi-cal do i call soc sec or medi-cal or what?

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