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Hi. I'm in MA and had a hearing a week and a half ago (after waiting a year and a half). Since our home is close to foreclosure and other financial problems, my dire need critical case application was approved. My atty says that the judge sent my case to decision writing the next day.
How long should decision writing take and me to get a letter? I asked my atty who gave me an estimate, but I'd like to know thoughts here, please and thank you

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Hi there,
I'm sorry to hear that! You may want to contact the SSA regarding this, as they may be able to expedite benefits after approval. I really could not say how long the decision process will be in your case as every case is different and thus may have varying decision times.

Debra O'Neal (not verified)
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I have been waiting since July 2016 for my hearing. Can I get it expedited? I will be 61 years old. I have long term disability through my work which will be done the end of July 2017. I then wil have no income and will become homeless. Can my attorney get this expedited?


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I would recommend speaking with your attorney on this. If you are approved you can get your payments expedited though.

Best of Luck,

April (not verified)
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I had my dire need hearing on 6-30-17 and I still haven't heard anything regarding a decision!!?? Any thoughts??!!


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Hi April,

No need to sweat it. Unfortunately Social Security decisions can take a long time.

Best Wishes,

Tray (not verified)
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Ive been 9 month 2nd denial now appealed for judge decision However i could not see my lung specialist . He wrote an emergency letter saying i need oxygen i have no money im pennyless at this point he also plainly stated i cant work again i cant even prepare meals due to hand cramps that are a side effect of my breathing meds. My dr must have written letter the minute i left his office it been sent in since the 13th of Sept. Im sure they ask for a decision so doesnt have to go b4 the judge. How long does this take? Im gonna die i cant breath its awful work 42 years straight can get what is rightfully yours?


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Hi Tray,

I am so sorry to hear that. Unfortunately there is no black and white answer for this. I would recommend regularly checking in the status of your account on

Fran (not verified)
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I had my odar hearing 2 mths ago, I became homeless 2 weeks ago, my atty requested an expedited decision at that time & today the Judge approved me for "critical need" & actually made his decision on my case & sent it to the writers. My question is, is his approval for critical need an indication at all that my SSDI has probably been approved? My thought is that if he was going to deny the case, then approving me for critical need wouldn't accomplish anything, since i wouldnt be getting any money. I think it would only make sense to approve the critical need if he approved the SSDI benefits (there's no SSI or anything else, just straight up SSDI). Am I thinking correctly?


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Hi Fran,
You may be eligible for SSI and SSDI benefits, however the SSA may provide the SSI benefits untill your SSDI decision is made, and they may ask for the SSI funds back out of your SSDI back pay.

Kelly (not verified)
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I had my hearing in July 2017 and understand a decision has been made in my case, but I don't know what that is. How long do we have to wait to find out a decision? My atty says you are back logged and it will be a few months. Well, it's been that long and then some. I have since had even more health problems and am desperate to get an answer and support. What can be done to get answers?


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Hi Kelly,
We are not affiliated with the SSA or the federal government, so we don't have information about your specific case. You can contact the SSA by calling them at 1-800-772-1213.

Tawana (not verified)
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My case has been almost 6.0 years even with critical file holding. All evidence is clear and laws adequately proven. Why is it taking this long. The appeals counsel sent my case for another reconsideration process which was not understood. What is that was not clear when they could approve the case for the full amount. My partner and husband at the time gets most all his benefits. 779.00 is so not acurrate im screaming. I worked in business and regular employment. I showed government documents proving the valadiate process. Once a case time has went to the whatever time of making money off the case the client full benefits are due. So what is the hold up. Plus older case files are suppose to get priority in catagory and processed faster.


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Hi Tawana,
I really could not say, we are not affiliated with the SSA and as such we don't have specific information on cases.

Jacob Crotts (not verified)
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The judge approved my disability at my hearing and now what am I waiting on?


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Hi Jacob,

You still have to wait for officially confirmation of it, as well as your backpay.

Michele (not verified)
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My ssi case went from decisions writing to post review this week. What does that mean?

Homeless. Won … (not verified)
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My attorney filed an on the record request. The judge e mailed stating i would be getting fully favorable decision. Status on website says hearing postponed. Case under review. Could i still get denied? How long to get money. I m a dire needs case. Cant go on like THIS!?

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