Continuing Disability Review (CDR)

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Hello everyone.

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In November of 2016 I received a Continuing Disability Review (CDR). My rep payee filled out most of the forms but I filled out the (Activities of Daily Living). (ADL) form and wrote how my disabilities affect me as requested by the reviewer. I never got to see what my Rep Payee wrote about me on the long form, it was about 10 pages. I am a little upset by the fact that the info shared to SS was kept from me. My therapist also wrote a letter regarding my situation.

They sent me an approval letter today, even though my CDR was approved months ago. My rep payee would not give me a copy which really upset me so I called Social Security for one. Here is what it says:

"We recently reviewed the evidence in his Social Security disability claim and find that his disability is continuing. Here is some important information about his claim. We have also enclosed information about working that explains some of the terms we use."

Then below that they have a bunch of choices that Social Security uses. They checked off the one that says:

"Your claim will be reviewed from time to time to see if you are still eligible for benefits based on disability or blindness. When your claim is reviewed, you will be contacted if there is any question as to whether your eligibility continues.

What does from time to time mean?

When I was first approved for disability in 2010....They wrote that I would be reviewed in 3 years. (I have mental health and physical health problems). When the third year came I was waiting and waiting and waiting. I never called to ask when they were sending me one, the last thing I wanted to do was to trigger a Continuing Disability Review.

Guess what, for some odd reason, I didn't get a CDR until 7 years after my approval. They must be really busy or forgot about me. The CDR really stressed me out.

I received the long form. Why do some people get the short form?

Also: Am I correct on the way this works
Just say you get a Continuing Disability Review 3 years from when you were awarded benefits. So I assume they start to review your records for the past 3 years. Now they do a CDR on you after three years. So you get approved. Now they do another CDR three years after that. Do they review the records from all of the past 6 years or just the recent 3 years? Anyone know how that works?


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Hi there,
There are a lot of factors that affect Continuing Disability Reviews, and the SSA may review any records in connection to your application or other Continuing Disability Review.

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I'm 59 and on disability. I have rheumatoid arthritis and severe osteoporosis. I know I am unable to work full-time but would just like to make some extra money so when I get Medicare I'll be able to pay for Part B. I was told that if I stay under the $850 a month level it will not be counted as TWP. But if I work below the TWP limit for a long period of time Social Security will say that I'm purposely trying to stay under the amount and could lose my benefits.
Is this true?


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Hi Patricia,
They may not claim that as there are many people who stay under the $850 a month limit without any issue from the SSA.

Patricia (not verified)

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Thank you for your answer. It was my disability lawyer who helped me get disability approved. I agree with you because many people state they work part time. Just wondered why my lawyer would say that.

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Hello. I filled out and returned my Cdr short form a few weeks ago. Nd wish I had put my diagnosis for reason for visit instead of medication and therapy. I filled out counseling and prescriptions. The last time and it was approved. Will the computer kick it out for a long form? Thank you, Karen


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Hi There,

I am sorry, but I would recommend speaking with a SSA representative if you are unsure about that.

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I’m just now trying to sign up for disability and not sure what do all I’ve found on this site was putting my name,address,phone that’s it. Where do I go to put all my information on what’s going on with me.


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Hi Kimberly,

To file for disability you need to contact the SSA. You can do it online on their website. Good luck!

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