Help..Hearing Postponed on morning of hearing.

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My AJL Hearing was scheduled for 3-29-17 at 1pm. On the morning of 3-29-2017 @ 9:45am, my Attorney called stating that my hearing just got postponed.
This is what it says online about my case. Any insight or suggestions?? I'm struggling here.
Your scheduled hearing has been postponed or cancelled. If a hearing is still required, we will let you know when we set a new date, time and place for your hearing.

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Court dates get postponed, cancelled more common than you might think. It may not be directly related to your case. I would just continue to get updates from your lawyer.

Best Wishes,

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I'm running out of time to file for my hearing I can't find an attorney they are always booked or supposed to call back should I file on my on or just reapply

Dw0964 (not verified)
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Been waiting for 27 months to the day,and my ssi hearing was postoned because of about six or seven inches of snow.Im besides my self can't believe I've waited this long to get put off,some please give me me some insight on when my hearing will be scheduled again, Thanks, Ky.


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Hi Ky,

That is frustrating but a case being postponed due to inclement weather is not uncommon. If you have a lawyer, I would contact them about the rescheduled date. Best of luck!

Dw0964 (not verified)

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Thanks for the positive responses,ky

Dw0964 (not verified)
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Hi I had my hearing postponed due to weather a couple weeks ago and now my lawyer calls and says the judge is making a decision,or in the process of the decision writing process,can this only be a good thing? It's got to be a favorable decision, because i know they can't deny you without you having your day in court.any one been or heard of this situation,Thanks,Ky.

Dw0964 (not verified)
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So I now called the hearing office where I was to have my hearing,the clerk tells me it looks like I won't be coming to court that the judge has or in in the process of making a decision,so this must be an OTR decision??I am so confused about all this,I'm guessing this is really rare and almost never happens,but I'm only guessing here that the judge is going to give me full favorable decision?? What do you guys think?? Thanks in


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Hi Ky,

I cannot say for sure. It may just be that the judge feels that he doesn't need any additional testimony to make the decision. Good luck!

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Thanks for the

Joe (not verified)
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On the way to my disability hearing i got called by my lawyer that social security was not opening there doors for court because the security guard didnt show up for work. Mine got postponed. How long is the wait and will i get the same judge


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Hi Joe,

I'm honestly not sure, you'll have to contact your lawyer about when your new trial will be. Best of luck!

Ash (not verified)
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Ours was cancelled said same thing judge called lawyer told him he was approving it no need to come


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Hi Ash,

Some claims are approved without a trial. I would continue to follow up with your lawyer as they often find out if you were approved or not before you receive your awards letter.

Frank Rapstine (not verified)
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I had an over the phone disability hearing with the judge and my attorney and it was canceled two hours before can you tell me why


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Hi Frank,

We are not affiliated with the SSA, so we do not know the exact reason. It could be because you no longer need a hearing to determine eligibility. You can try following up with your attorney to see if they know why your hearing was canceled.

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