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Does anybody know whether that SSI back pay comes on a certain day of the month? I got my first installment the same week I was approved for SSI it came on the same day I got my first benefit. But I should receive one in January and I'm trying to figure out when I will see it? If anyone has any experience with receiving them in would love to hear about it!


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Hi There,

I believe it should be listed in your award letter. If not, I would call the SSA to find out. Their number is 1-800-772-1213.

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all legal and government general assistance bills have been paid out of my lump sum so why is balance of MY money being held for 6 months

MLS (not verified)
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My son received his first installment March 15, 2018. Will he receive the 2nd installment September 15th, 2018 if everything goes as it should?

Towana west (not verified)
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When will I receive my second back pay it will be six months on the 5th of September 2018 I haven't heard anything yet can u please help me thank u


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Hi Towana,

You may want to notify the SSA regarding this. You can visit your local office or call the national number at 1-800-772-1213.

Tracy Shealy (not verified)
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I received my first backpay check in April 2018. Will the second one come in September or October?

Wilma (not verified)
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How do I find out my 1st installment of my backpay

Wine (not verified)
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I received my first backpay in April 22 of 2018 when will I get my second backpay

Makeesha (not verified)
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My son get his first lump sum on March 2 2018 when my son get his second and three lump sum

Makeesha (not verified)
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Is some why you can go online check the month days and date

Curtis Escamilla (not verified)
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I received my first ssi paper check around September. 5th 2018 when will I receive my first installment from my backpay?

Quetin (not verified)
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I got my second installment on the second. When should i get my third dame date for direct depoist


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Hi Quentin,

Back pay typically comes six months apart, so you should be getting the last installment in about six months.

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