Peripheral neuropathy and sjogrens syndrome

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Is either Peripheral neuropathy and/or sjogrens syndrome easily approved?

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Hi there,

Although nothing is guaranteed, if you suffer fromperipheral neuropathy and Sjogrens syndrome, you should be able to qualify for SSD benefits, depending on if you meet the SSA's Blue Book listing criteria.

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I'm wondering about the same thing. I have peripheral neuropathy in my left leg and foot. The pain could be so bad I can't even stand for longer than a few minutes. At night, when you're trying to sleep, it's torturous pain will keep you up all night long. Dealing with the stabbing, burning, pins and needles, and stiffness can drive you crazy. There is no way I could get through an 8+ hour shift laof general labor type work.

I hope you got the answers please let me know.


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Hi Robert,

With peripheral neuropathy it is definitely possible to qualify for disability benefits. Your ability to receive benefits is highly dependent on the medical documentation that you have been able to collect. If you would like your case to be evaluated by an attorney or advocate fill out the following link:

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