Worried how I answered a question on the phone!

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After my claim was under medical review for several weeks, someone from the determination office called me twice and left a voicemail both times saying she only had TWO questions: if I was seeing a psychiatrist and, if not, would I see their doctor. She also said I could just leave the info as a message if she didn't answer the phone. So I figured no big deal and called to say I'm OK with seeing a psychiatrist. Then out of nowhere she was just like, "Tell me more about your anxiety and depression..." Well, I freaked out and froze up, just like I would in person.
I was in tears as I managed to spit out that I'm terrified of dealing with people and that I just can't function in a work environment, can't maintain employment, and am always fired. She didn't press me any further and just told me about the appointment I would have. I'm just wondering if I blew it and should have explained things better? She didn't identify her role and sounded young, so I'm not even sure that was she was the actual claim examiner.

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What does processing medical portion of benefits application mean?


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Hi There,

That means they are reviewing your application and making sure you are medically eligible for disability.

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What if I can't remember the last time I worked, its been almost 10 years now. Will your administration have that available, if not how can I retrieve it?

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