Administrative Offset for Child Support Arrears

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Hi there,

I have spent quite a bit of time reading what I can about SSDI, SSI and Federal administrative offsets with respect to support collection efforts. I understand that the NCP in my case will not have SSI offset. And I have learned that the NPC will have a child support stipend deducted from their monthly benefits. But some of the language regarding SSDI was confusing. My question is, while SSI is not applicable for offset, is the initial SSDI check (not SSI), which contains a lump sum for retroactive benefits, subject to federal or state offset? Or does the NCP in my case receive that check in full, and collection will begin with the monthly BPO?

Thanks in advance!

Thanks in advance!

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One parent is keeping half child's ssi, Does not keep child nor buy child any clothes or food. Divorced parents , this parent that does this has been ask to turn money over to parent who is caregiver and has child full time.Child is mentally and physically disabled, needs constant care.Its a situation where one parent is very controlling.

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if a parent has court ordered child support and is paying then comes disabled and draws disability. then passes away. can the cp still collect on the disability for the arrears?


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Hi Robbie,
So long as the child is under age 18, he or she could actually receive auxiliary benefits on behalf of the deceased parent! This could total up to 50% of the deceased beneficiary's monthly payment.

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