Resources for Stroke Survivors in Maryland

Having a stroke is a scary, life-changing experience. Unlike other health conditions that may arise slowly or progress over time, the sudden nature of a stroke leaves no time for victims to prepare or adjust.

While it may be hard to see the silver lining around having a stroke, there are many helpful local and state resources available to stroke victims in the Maryland area.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) offers disability benefits to those who have become permanently disabled due to a serious health condition, such as a stroke.

Neurologists in Maryland

Stroke survivors are cared for by a team of medical professionals. Leading the team is most often a neurologist.

Neurologists are physician experts who specialize in health conditions related to the brain and central nervous system. They are the leading experts in the field of cerebrovascular accidents, or strokes.

Your relationship with your neurologist is vital for your healing. Further, your neurologist will play an integral role in assisting you with your stroke claim.

The SSA’s decision on your disability claim will heavily depend on the medical information provided by your neurologist. Your neurologist will be asked to provide medical records as well as an expert opinion on your prognosis.

Therefore, establishing a good relationship with your neurologist will ensure that you have the best chance of winning your claim.

If you are not currently working with a neurologist, or if your neurologist has not been as helpful as you would like, consider contacting one of the following three practices in the Maryland area.

University of Maryland School of Medicine
Department of Neurology
110 S. Paca St
Baltimore, MD 21201
(410) 328-4323

Howard County General Hospital/Johns Hopkins Medicine
Neurology Physicians
11055 Little Patuxent Parkway
Columbia Medical Center Suite 209
Columbia, MD 21044

The Neurology Center
1201 Seven Locks Road, Suite 101
Rockville, MD 20854
(301) 562-7200

Stroke Support Groups

There is nothing like experiencing a significant life crisis to make you realize just how important the family and friends are in your life.

Having a support system in place following a drastic event, such as a stroke, is imperative for healing.

While you may have a strong community standing with you, your needs may change as you begin to heal.

Your family and friends may genuinely care, but they may not be able to answer all of your questions or to relate to your struggles fully. As a result, many stroke survivors have found comfort in joining stroke support groups.

Stroke support groups offer stroke victims an opportunity to gather with others who have had similar experiences. Together, the members of the group share information, resources, and support.

Listed below are three stroke support groups in the Maryland area:

Inch by Inch Stroke Club
Meets Every 3rd Thursday from 6:00 to 7:30 pm
Johns Hopkins Bayview Hospital 6th Floor Pavilion
4940 Eastern Ave
Baltimore, MD 21224
(410) 550-8065

Howard County General Hospital Stroke Support Group
Meets Every 4th Wednesday from 6:30– 8:00 pm
5755 Cedar Lane
Columbia, MD 21044
(410) 884-4641

Young Stroke Group
Meets Every 1st and 3rd Fridays from 11:30 am - 1:00 pm
Johns Hopkins University Gilchrist Hall
9601 Medical Center Drive
Rockville, MD 20850
(301) 792-0781

Resources for Stroke Survivors in Maryland

Applying for Social Security Disability for Stroke in Maryland

If you are a stroke survivor from Maryland, there are financial resources available to you.

The Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program was developed to assist individuals who have become permanently disabled due to serious health events, such as having a stroke.

Having a stroke alone will not guarantee that you will be awarded SSDI benefits.

You will need to provide significant medical evidence proving that your impairments are so severe that you are unable to work currently, and that you will be unable to return to work for at least a year.

While you may be inclined to apply for SSDI benefits immediately, the SSA will not consider stroke claims until a full three months have passed since the accident.

The long-term impacts of a stroke are often not immediately known. Therefore, the SSA requires that 90 days pass so that there is a clearer picture of an applicant’s prognosis.

For more detailed information on the medical criteria required to be approved for SSDI benefits, you can review section 11.04 of the SSA’s book of impairments, also referred to as the Blue Book. Reviewing this section together with your neurologist might be helpful.

If it is expected that your health impairments will last for at least one year, and if a full three months have passed since your stroke, you can apply for disability benefits online or at any one of the following Social Security offices in Maryland.

Baltimore Social Security Office 21201
1010 Park Ave Suite 200
Baltimore, MD 21201
(800) 772-1213

Columbia Social Security Office 21045
8865 Stanford Blvd
Lakeside Building, Ste 110
Columbia, MD 21045
(800) 772-1213

Silver Spring Social Security Office 20903
10230 New Hampshire Ave Suite 304
Silver Spring, MD 20903
(800) 772-1213

Can a Social Security Disability Lawyer Help Me for My Stroke in Maryland?

If you have suffered a stroke, you likely have an enormous amount on your plate. In addition to physical therapy, doctor’s appointments, and other health-related responsibilities, you are also likely facing financial challenges.

Applying for Social Security disability benefits is an arduous task, as the application process is cumbersome and complex.

Perhaps one of the wisest moves you can make is to hire a Social Security lawyer to assist you through the process.

A Social Security attorney is skilled at reviewing your medical documentation and crafting the best story to enhance your chances of a quick approval.

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