Denied Social Security

Were You Denied Social Security Disability Benefits?

Unfortunately, most initial applications for disability benefits are denied by the SSA. There are several reasons for disability denials

Ultimately, regardless of how strong your case is, disability denials boil down to the fact that the SSA has a backlog of applicants, and the criteria for disability approval is hard to meet. 

The initial stage is a big hurdle to get over, with more than 60% of claimants facing denial.

You will have 60 days to deny this decision in most states. You can start the appeals process easily online.

Unfortunately, the SSA rejects over 85% of Reconsideration requests.

The next stage of the appeals process will be fighting your case in a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). It’s critical to take the Hearing seriously and prepare as much as possible, as this is your best chance of approval. Nearly 50% of applicants are approved at the Hearing stage.

If you’d like to significantly improve your odds of approval at the Hearing, you should hire a Social Security disability attorney or advocate.

Starting Your Disability Appeal

Were you denied? Do not give up! Hundreds of thousands of people are approved for Social Security disability benefits every year, and many are approved after they were initially denied.

If you were denied disability, an attorney may be your best resource. To get in touch with an attorney or advocate in your area who can help fight your denial, you should fill out our free, non-obligational disability case evaluation today.

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