Denied Disability Benefits With Depression

If you applied for Social Security disability benefits because you have severe depression, and your application was denied you can appeal that decision. Many people are denied when they apply for Social Security disability benefits. But there is a good chance that the decision can be reversed when you appeal. Don’t give up on getting disability benefits if you are denied when you first submit your application.

Filing An Appeal For Disability Benefits With Depression

If your application for Social Security disability benefits was denied you should not file a new claim. Instead, you can amend your existing application. If you submit an entirely new application then the process starts all over again and you’ll have to wait even longer.

The appeals process allows gives you several opportunities to fix up your claim to show exactly why you are disabled and can’t work. When your claim is denied the first time you can ask for reconsideration. If you add more documents to your initial application you may win approval through reconsideration. If not, you can continue to appeal through these stages:

  • Hearing by an administrative law judge
  • Council Review
  • Federal Court hearing

At each stage you will have the chance to add more documentation to your initial application to show why you can’t work. You can’t have too much documentation when it comes to a disability application.

How To File a Successful Appeal For Disability Benefits With Depression

If you want to have your application for disability benefits with depression approved the first time, or at reconsideration, you should do these things:

  • Include an MRFC

An MRFC is a document filled out by your doctor or psychologist that spells out in detail what your symptoms are and how they make it impossible for you to work.

  • File The Appeal Fast

Even though you have thirty days to file an appeal if your claim is denied you shouldn’t wait. The faster you file for an appeal the faster you will get a decision.

  • Get More Medical Evidence

The medical evidence that you have showing why you can’t work is essential to your claim. The SSA will want to see documentation of how severe your symptoms are and how they prevent you from working. When you’re trying to prove that you can’t work because of a mental health condition like depression having as much medical evidence as possible is the best way to get your application approved.

  • Continue Treatment

While you’re waiting for the appeal keep going everything that your doctor put on the treatment plan. The SSA will look to see if you are keeping up with the recommended treatment.

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Why Was My Depression Claim Denied?

Proving disability with a mental health condition like depression can be tough. In many cases claims for disability benefits are denied because the forms were filled out incorrectly. Or, because there wasn’t enough medical evidence included.

Get Help With Your Appeal

If your claim for Social Security disability benefits has been denied you should speak with a disability attorney to get advice on how to amend your claim. Getting expert advice can help you win approval on appeal. Fill out a free Case Evaluation form now to get connected with an independent, participating disability attorney who subscribes to the website who may be able to help with your case.

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