Denied Disability with a Hernia

If you have been unlucky and have been denied social security with a hernia, all is not lost as you can appeal the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) decision.

If you have been denied disability benefits because the Social Security Administration determines that your hernia does not qualify for disability benefits because it is not in the Blue Book listing or you have so far not provided enough medical evidence to prove your hernia stops you from working, you may be able to get your doctor to undertake a Residual Functional Test (RFC) which helps to prove you can’t work with your hernia.

Who Can Appeal Denied Disability with a Hernia

Anyone who has a hernia should have the right to appeal denied disability benefits as long as they are sure they can provide more medical evidence which proves that the hernia is so severe that they cannot to work for at least twelve months.

How an Appeal Can be Successful

You need to provide medical evidence which proves your hernia is so severe that you cannot work for at least 12 months. Most victims of a hernia experience pain or aching, particularly when engaged in physical activity like carrying or lifting heavy objects.

They also suffer from digestive upsets like constipation. As the hernia grows bigger it puts stress on the body when standing up.

In your reconsideration appeal you will be asked to provide a full report of the results of any surgery that has taken place and any other treatment and therapy that you have required which has helped to eliminate the effects of the hernia. You will need to provide the results of your RFC too.

How to Use the RFC in an Appeal for a Denied Disability with a Hernia

To give your appeal the best chance of being successful you should get your doctor to perform a Residual Functioning Capacity Test (RFC).

This test should evaluate your ability to bend or squat which may be painful if you have a hernia. This means that if you work you will need more rest than usual and you will have difficulty moving objects and yourself.

The RFC will help to indicate that you cannot work for at least 12 months while being treated for a hernia.

File Your Appeal for Denied Disability With a Hernia Promptly

You must submit a request for a reconsideration appeal for your denied disability with a hernia within 60 days of you receiving the denial letter. The reconsideration officer may ask for more medical records that are less than 90 days old.

These deadlines mean that the quicker you submit the appeal for your denied disability benefits the greater the chance of it being a success.

Get a Free Case Evaluation Today

You should request legal representation for your denied social security with a hernia appeal as it will have a much better chance of reaching a successful outcome.  Start the appeals process now by filling out our Free Disability Evaluation.

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