Using an RFC When Applying for Benefits With Hernia

A hernia can be a painful and debilitating condition that make it difficult for you to do your job, especially if your job requites you to stand for long periods of time. If you have been diagnosed with a hernia and you can’t work you may be able to qualify for Social Security benefits with a Residual Functional Capacity evaluation. A Residual Functional Capacity evaluation is something your doctor can fill out for your that provides the SSA with details about your medical symptoms and limitations.

What Is Residual Functional Capacity?

Residual Functional Capacity means your ability to work with the medical condition that you have. When you are sick and can’t work the Social Security Administration requires that you meet the listing requirements for one of the illnesses in their Blue book in order to be eligible for benefits. If you don’t meet the listing requirements or there isn’t a listing for your condition you don’t qualify. But, if you don’t meet the listing criteria yet you can’t work you can qualify for benefits through an RFC. When you submit a claim with an RFC the SSA will look at several different factors like your age and your skill set to determine if there’s any type of work that you cano.

How To Use the RFC When You Have Hernia

There is no listing in the Blue Book for a hernia because it’s not considered a serious enough condition to make someone eligible for disability benefits unless it’s part of another disorder. But if you have been working construction for ten years and all of your work related skills involve construction but your hernia makes it impossible for you to stand up, carry heavy items, and so on you can use an RFC to prove that you can’t work with your condition.

What To Include With Your RFC For Hernia

When you submit your claim for disability benefits because of a hernia you will need to include as much medical documentation as you can to prove you can’t work. You will need to submit the RFC evaluation sheet, which needs to be filled out by your doctor. You will also need to submit any medical records, X-rays, and other test results that you have.

Get Help With Your RFC For Hernia

When you’re filing a disability claim for a condition like a hernia that has no Blue Book listing it’s important that you work with an attorney that has worked on Social security benefits cases before. An attorney can guide you through the application process and provide advice on what types of documentation will help prove your case and how you can make your case stronger.

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