What Is Included in My Disability Application for a Spinal Fusion?

People who have spinal fusion and are unable to work should apply for Social Security disability benefits. Disability benefits are money that is paid to you each month to help you cover basic living costs like paying for house, buying food, and paying for utilities or medial costs not covered by insurance.

When you file a claim for Social Security disability benefits you will need to submit substantial medical documentation to prove that your condition makes it impossible for you to work. You will need to submit these documents with your application for benefits.

Medical Documents Needed in Your Application

After it’s been established that you will be unable to work for at least one year you will need to provide medical documentation to prove your impairment. You will need copies of the diagnosis of your condition from your doctor.

You will also need to submit documents that show the extent of your disability like doctor’s notes talking about your symptoms and the impact they have on your life, orders for lab tests and the results of those tests, receipts for medical treatments or medication, prescriptions, notes from caseworkers or advocates, treatment plans, and any other relevant documents.

You will need to submit a summary listing the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all the doctors that have treated you and all the hospitals where you have been seen as well.

Other Information You’ll Need

Once you have all the medical documentation that you need to submit with your application for disability benefits you will need to gather your financial documentation. You will have to show that you did work full time until your illness made it impossible.

You can prove that with pay stubs or your W-2 which will show that you worked full time. If you were self employed you can submit a copy of your most recent federal tax return to show that you were earning money.

Along with those documents you will have to submit a list of the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all the companies that you have worked for. And you will need a copy of your Social Security card and either a birth certificate or a baptismal certificate.

What Is Included in My Disability Application for a Spinal Fusion?

How A Social Security Attorney Can Help You With Your Application

Many people make mistakes on their applications for Social Security disability benefits which causes their claims to be denied the first time. When you get help from an experienced Social Security disability attorney you are more likely to get your claim approved on the first try because an attorney who know the Social Security claims system can help you make sure that you have all the right documentation and that your application is filled out correctly.

A Social Security disability attorney can guide you through every stop of the claims process. And if your claim is denied the first time an attorney can fight for you to get your claim approved. Social Security disability attorneys don’t get paid until your claim is approved so you can trust they will keep working for you until that claim is approved.

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