Appeal Immediately After Disability Benefits Are Denied

If you are denied Social Security Disability benefits at the initial stage of application, there is no reason to panic. Because Social Security Disability has several built-in levels of reconsideration and appeal, there is a fairly strong chance that your claim may still be approved further along in the application process. Because there is a limited window of opportunity to appeal a denied claim, however, it is definitely in your best interest to file for reconsideration immediately upon denial.

If you do not file an appeal within the time frame allowed by the Social Security Administration (SSA), you will be unable to pursue an appeal for your denied disability claim. Upon denial, you will have 60 days to appeal and 5 mailing days from when you mail in the reconsideration. Should you miss this deadline, your only recourse would be to submit an entirely new application from the initial stage in the hope of a different result.

There are various reasons for the SSA’s mandated time limit on the Social Security Disability appeals process. Because of the overwhelming volume, and subsequent backlog, of SSDI and SSI applications, it would be impossible for the SSA to process old or outdated appeals. In order to keep a positive workflow at the Disability Determination Services (DDS) and SSA, it is necessary to limit the reconsideration and appeals time frame. Without such limits, the already strained effectiveness of the SSA would probably be compromised entirely, resulting in massive backlogs and contributing to the existing organizational and administrative problems at the Social Security offices.

In order to get your disability benefits, you need to apply on time. When you delay applying for benefits, you delay your ability to receive benefits. While rushing to prepare your application or appeal could potentially lead to errors resulting in denial, it is important that you do not delay any longer than is necessary.

Hiring a qualified Social Security attorney is one of the best ways to ensure that your appeal is filed correctly and on time. They will use their skill and experience to guide you through the process as smoothly as possible and help you with every step of your disability benefits application. 

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