Denied Social Security Disability Benefits in Missouri

If you were denied Social Security Disability Benefits in Missouri, you are able to file an appeal, continuing your disability benefits application process. This gives you the chance to collect more evidence so that the Social Security Administration (SSA) is more likely to accept your application for Missouri Social Security Disability Benefits. However, there is a time limit for lodging an appeal so you should start the process as soon as you receive the letter of denial from the SSA.

Filing an Appeal for Social Security Disability Benefits in Missouri

As soon as you receive the denial letter from the SSA you should immediately file an appeal. Denial letters are not easy to understand. For example, if the letter states your medical condition isn’t severe enough to qualify for a disability benefit, you are given only 60 days from the date on your denial letter to gather more medical evidence which supports the severity of your medical condition. 

The first stage of the appeal process is a Request for Reconsideration, which is a complete review of your claim and the evidence you have provided by an SSA officer and who hasn’t been involved in your case before. If your claim is still denied you may continue the appeals process further, where your case is heard by an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).

Missouri ALJ Disability Hearings

The ALJ decision is based on his or her review of your record and any testimony and further evidence of your medical condition that is heard at the hearing. The ALJ's decision isn’t influenced by the fact that your case was denied at the time of your initial application or also on reconsideration.

After you have submitted your request for an ALJ hearing, your local Missouri office will send you information about the hearing process, and a notice stating the time and date of the hearing. 

Missouri Office of Hearing Operations Locations

Columbia Hearing Office

Social Security Field Office in Columbia MO

3402 Buttonwood Drive

Columbia, MO 65201


Phone: (877) 331-8351

Fax: (573) 442-7072

eFile Fax: (866) 262-3203

Creve Coeur Hearing Office

Social Security Field Office in Creve Coeur MO

1285 Fern Ridge Parkway

Suite 100

Creve Coeur, MO 63141

Phone: (877) 833-2445

Fax: (314) 434-4800

eFile Fax: (877) 389-4213

Kansas City Hearing Office

Social Security Field Office in Kansas City MO

2301 McGee

Suite 350

Kansas City, MO 64108


Phone: (888) 488-7742

Fax: (816) 283-7220

St. Louis Hearing Office

Social Security Field Office in St. Louis MO

200 North Broadway Suite 900

St. Louis, MO 63102


Phone: (866) 404-1859

Fax: (314) 436-1708

eFile Fax: (877) 389-4216

Get Help With Your Missouri SSD Appeal

Often it’s hard to understand the contents of a denial letter but if you work with an attorney, you may have a better chance of winning an appeal and get the Missouri Social Security Disability Benefits you deserve.

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