Am I eligible to receive benefits for a child?

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I have physical and legal custody of my neice. My sister receive disability due to her mental illness and I wanted to know if I would be able to collect disability for my neice? I have had her since she was 6months old.

Kellie (not verified)
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I live in Virginia and my son has adhd, odd. I work part time and receive child support fiance and his daughter receive ssa widows benefits monthly....according to research my child could be elgible for ssi disability benefits, what is the income guidelines we have household of 5 people? And what would the child's monthly benefit amount be bases on house of 5 and our income


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Hi Kellie,
If you have two income earners in the household, and two children who are not disabled, you can earn a combined total of $ 4,525 per month, or about $54,000 per year.

Denise (not verified)
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I have custody of my Granddaughter and have for over five years now. this is permanent custody. Would she qualify for a portion of my check?


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Hi Denise,
It would depend on what benefits you are getting. If you are getting SSI, then she would not qualify as SSI does not have auxiliary benefits. If you are receiving SSDI benefits, then the child must meet these criteria:

  • He or she was under 18 years old when they first moved in with the grandparent(s)
  • His or her parent(s) are disabled or deceased.
  • If he or she is under 12 months old, they must have resided with the grandparent(s) and have received 50% or more of their support from the grandparent since birth.

I would still contact the SSA to find out more information about your grandchild's eligibility. Their number is 1-800-772-1213

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I have a left ankle that has had a terrible trauma to it. I have had 5 surgeries on it to fuse the ankle due to pain. The last two fusion surgeries did not fuse. Causing continual pain. In fact I lost my job due to not being able to go back to work within the appropriate time allowed. I have been off of work for over a year and do not know how long I will be out of work due to needing another fusion surgery that may work or not work. Am I eligible to draw Social Security Disability benefits?

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JENNNIFER (not verified)
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Hello, my 11 year old son was just diagnosed with high Functioning autism. I work and my husband works, he is going to need extra help. I've notice things are really hard for him to understand lately. Should we try to apply?


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Hi Jennifer,
Your son may qualify for benefits, but it depends on the severity of his condition, and your level of income and financial resources.

Peggy Welch (not verified)
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When will I receive my daughter benefits


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Hi Peggy,
If she has been approved, then the benefits would be disbursed in about five months.

Mariah (not verified)
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My child is four months old. He biological father died 10 days before she was born. Does she qualify for benefits?


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Hi Mariah,
If your child has a disability that would affect her life, then she may be eligible for benefits. Additionally, she may be eligible for survivor's benefits based off her father's work record, I would contact the SSA regarding that as they would have the full details for your case.

Jessica (not verified)
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My daughter's father is attempting to get disability benefits due to mental illness. He has never had physical custody or paid any type of child support. She is 8 yrs old. He is attempting to get some type of documentation from her school, but will not disclose to me what kind information he needs. He has a copy of and is listed on her birth certificate. She is not a member of his household. Would she even be eligible to receive benefits if he is awarded any?


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Hi Jessica,
She may be eligible if the father is receiving SSDI benefits, but she may not be eligible if he is receiving SSI benefits.

cliff (not verified)
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My 7 year old son was diagonsed late last year with high functioning autism. He is in his 2nd year of kindergarden. my wife is a stay at mom and I make about $53,000 a year. We have 5 kids with the 7 year old the only one having this problem. Mental health diagonsed him and is working to get all state help going. He has also failed every hearing test in the last 2 years. He is set to see a ENT doctor in July because he has fluid on ears that cannot be cleared up. He was born 5 weeks premature and spent 8 days in NICU.


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Hi Cliff,

I am so sorry to hear that. Wishing you and your family nothing but the best.


Torrey (not verified)
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If my child father is getting ssi is there a way my child could get some of his money for child support or can my child get some of the money to help me with her needs?

ashley (not verified)
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i have 2 sons, 4 and 7. im 30 years old and my husband is 74. someone told me due to my husbands age that my children could qualify for benefits. is that true.

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My daughter has adhd and is on medication is she qualify ?

Milourie (not verified)
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My son is 2 year old. Back in August, his neurologist diagnoses him with high spectrum autism. I am gonna have to quit my job to care of him with all the appts : Behavior therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy. But before I would like to know if he can qualify for disability.

Rosita (not verified)
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My husband had a severe scoliosis. he is 40. Since he was a kid he's using crutches for everything, he works he makes $42000 per year, He wonder if he can get disability while is working.


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H Rosita,
He may not be able to as he has been able to work despite his scoliosis, and SSDI benefits are intended for people who are unable to work.

Chrysti (not verified)
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Go to your local ss office. Take all of your legal documentation. Take the child with you and have her "payee" changed to you. They will probable go after her for falsely receiving payments for a child that hasn't been in her custody.

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My mother receives disability. While I️ was still in school should, could I️ have received a check as well? If so can I️ get back pay now? I️ just turned 21


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Hi There,

Since you are over the age of 18, you will not be able to qualify for auxillary benefits off of your mother's disability benefits.

Denise (not verified)
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My son is 12 and has severe ODD and ADHD . I had to quit my job cause of his behavior and getting intouble with the law. He can not be left alone at all. Can I get ssi for him .he also has a learning disability and on an IEP for it.


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Hi Denise,
You may be able to however you would need to meet the SSA's income and resources limits.

Marcella (not verified)
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I've been recieving SSI since i was 21 for depression, anxiety & trickitillimania. My daughter is 11 years old. Does she also qualify for benefits?

Marcella (not verified)

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Hi. Eric, I appriciate your reply. I will check into it.

H. Brake (not verified)
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When I was down in NC I was talking to a supervisor and he set me up for an appointment to apply for my new husband's SSDI auxillary benefits. She is 11 currently receives only $152 from mine bc I have 4 drawing from mine and then gets SSI for her own disabilities. When I talked to my OH worker which is usually really good and thorough he said he looked it up and said (bc she would draw like $550-$650 off his bc he has no one else drawing and his is like $110 more than mine gross) to even potentially be eligible she would have to be have been receiving more than 1/2 of her support for 12+ consecutive months to be even potentially eligible?? He said that was verbatim he said. Bc I also wanted to apply for my soon to be 18 year old bc she won't graduate from high school until at least 19 years 2 months but she works and is a ft student and will continue to be until after her 19 yrs 2 mo. None of my kids have ever really received any support from their bio dad whether he was living with us or not. He owes like $15-20K in c/s rn I would guess. He works but like on FB profile hides it saying he is self employed but is really working somewhere, he lives with his dad which gets like a $60K/yr pension plus SSRI probably between the 2 $100K/yr plus they receive $152 for my 2 sons that live with them and my 1 son receives SSI. If I can get my ex dead beat dad (he owed at another time like $20K and I was dumb and forgave that) he's provided in their whole life maybe like 5% of their support. If my new husband would adopt her bc she don't even really talk to or only 1 hr away visit ever her pt working dad off & on....bc my new husband is a much better father to her than her sperm donor and is here taking care of me and her everyday would she still have to wait the 12 months and meet the more than 1/2 support?


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HI there,
Your child may need to be adopted by your husband and she may also need to meet those requirements to qualify.

Heather (not verified)
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Hello my son is eleven and he has ADHD also been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.the school said something about a meeting for his iep.would he qualify for ssi


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Hi Heather,

It's possible, though it may be tough. Just make sure you have as much medical evidence of your son's condition as possible.

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, how do I get benefits for my son


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Hi There,

First, you'll have to make sure your son meets the Blue Book listing for the condition that he is experiencing. You should review the listing with his doctor to make sure he can medically qualify. If your son is under 18, then he'll need to apply for SSI. To qualify for SSI, not only will he need to meet the Blue Book listing, but your household income will need to be within the SSA's income limits.

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