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I became disabled in October of 2010 and applied for SSDI. I have been treated by my doctor every week since then and have retained an attorney for my SSDI process.

I have been paying in to the Social Security system for 38 years and am 55 years old. I had been at my last job for 20 years until I had to retire in June 2012 due to my disability.

During my hearing the judge asked the Vocational Expert if I would be able to do full time work in my present position and she told the judge that I would not be able to. The judge then asked I would be able to do full time work in any position and the VE answered no, that I would not.

My doctor also provided paperwork that stated that I have a total disability and could not do any work. I also provided a letter from my former boss who I worked directly for the entire 20 years stating that I was a dependable and dedicated employee until I started missing a lot of days during the summer of 2010 due to the start up of my disability.

I just found out that my case is with a Decision Writer and would be turning the case back over to the judge in a couple of weeks.

My question is, with my work history, age, doctors treatment and findings of the Vocational Expert, what would be my chances of being rewarded benefits?

Molly C (not verified)
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To be approved for benefits, you must be disabled as defined by the SSA. The SSA states that you are permanently disabled if you cannot do the work you were once able to, you cannot adjust to other types of work, and your disability has lasted, or is expected to last more than one year. Based on the information you have provided, you meet each of these criteria and should be awarded benefits. However, I don't know the specifics of your case so it might be wise to speak with a disability attorney or lawyer familiar with cases like yours.

Georgia fittsi (not verified)

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I applied in April for a stroke haven't got a decision yet when do I get it's been 10 months


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Hi Georgia, you may want to contact the SSA regarding this, you can call them at 1-800-772-1213.

Michael B. (not verified)

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Hi, I'm kind of in the same boat I never receive a denial letter and it's going on 6 months, does that sound like a violation within the Social Security Administration. I don't know who denied me why I was denied when I was denied or anything else, the Social Security Administration is stating that I have a paper file and that's all they're telling me. Any help would be appreciated. Am I being screwed around have I been terminated without reason


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Hi Micheal,

If you had a lawyer during your application process you can contact them and see if they received anything about your claim being denied.

coffee bean (not verified)

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Georgia my husband has been waiting for 3 yrs and 9 months finally had a hearing may 10th of 2018 and still has yet to get a decision notice .sept will mark yr 4 of this fight. I wish you luck.

Janet (not verified)
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I know someone who has gone to a hearing and is waiting for a decision from the judge...and waiting...and waiting....and waiting.....and waiting. How long can a judge take to make a decision? Is there a limit or is it possible he cab hang it up in the system forever?

JAYDEE (not verified)

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Hi Jaydee,
You may want to contact your local SSA office regarding your case, as they may be able to give you an update on your case. Every case is different, and so they can easily take varying amounts of time.

Sherry (not verified)

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I had my hearing Jan 12, 2017.... Still waiting. Have not received anything as of yet.

David (not verified)

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I had my hearing in atlanta on sept 15 , as of now may 30 , I have still not heard any thing

Johndoe (not verified)

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It takes time but I have read that if you havent heard anything in six months to contact either your attorney or if not represented , call your local social security office and politely explain that its been over 6 months and if there is any further information that they may need from you.

Deb (not verified)

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That's after a hearing? Anyway, I had a video hearing. I'm in WI, the video is from St. Louis ODAR. I call them every few days, after 6 weeks went by, to find out it went to the writer. Call the site where you're judge is just to ask for the status of your disability claim. They won't tell you a time line, but if it was made, sent to the writers, or mailed. Make sure it didn't get lost in the mail. If you have a rep or lawyer, call them to check too. Good luck and God bless!

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