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Is there a website where you can check the status of my claim


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Hi Cathy,

Approval is not automatic because there are two parts to qualifying for SSDI. The first is the medical part, the second is the technical part which takes into consideration your personal work history.

Lakeo (not verified)
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Status: a medical decision have been made. Why do I still have to attend a hearing if the decision has been made. Please help! Can someone give me an answer. This have been going on for 3 years.


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Hi Lakeo,

That does not mean they have made a decision your claim overall, it just means they have made a decision on if you medically qualify. There are other qualifications that need to be met as well and it's likely the SSA is still working to establish if you meet those qualifications.

Epica (not verified)
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My claim on writing is there decision


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Hi Epica,

We're not affiliated with the SSA so that is not something we can help with. If your claim is in writing & they are writing your letter, you'll know soon if you were denied or approved. If you worked with a lawyer, you can contact them as they usually find out before you receive the letter.

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I applied 8/6/19. My status stats that medical determination is pending. What does that mean?


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This means that they are reviewing the medical part of your application to ensure that you meet the criteria that they have set.

Kao saelee (not verified)
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I called ssa and the automated machine said a decision has been made i will be receiving a explanation letter shortly


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Hi Kao,

The letter will state if you were approved or denied. If you were denied keep the letter and follow the instructions on how to appeal the decision. Best of luck!

Suchilla (not verified)
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What Web site can I go to to check my status claim

Jess (not verified)
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I had a hearing for ssdi and ssi Friday sept 20th. Now I have had this message since the 21st .Your hearing was held and the Administrative Law Judge started preparing a decision. What does it mean?


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Hi Jess,

That means that they are still in the process of making your decision. You will be notified when that decision is made.

Maria (not verified)
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I applied last month and was told it took 30-120 days for a response to my application? Is this accurate?


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Hi Maria,

That is accurate. It can take anywhere from one month to four months to hear back about your claim. Best of luck!

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How to get status of SSDI back pay


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Hey There,

Your awards letter should have stated if you were to receive back pay and how much. Typically, back pay comes 3 installments, with the first coming 4 about months after you begin receive disability benefits. The other installments then come 6 months apart typically. If you have questions on your back pay specifically, you can call the SSA at 1-800-772-1213!

Shelly (not verified)
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Medical decision has been made. Processing benefit application. Representative to contact you for further information if needed


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Hi Shelly,

It looks like a medical decision has been made, but it will still take some time to make sure that everything is together. If you have hired an attorney, it is likely that they will receive their portion of any back payment before you do. This could be an indicator if what the decision is.

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What does it mean Disability Determination Decision Under Review

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