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Submitted by Gordon on Wed, 12/03/2014 - 07:09

I filed for disability for Bi-Polar depression in 2/2012, I was denied, appealed it, went to a hearing in front of an ALJ judge, lost the hearing, appealed it and lost. Now my only recourse is to drop it, reapply or take SS to federal court. My attorney will not take it to court, another attorney looked at the case and won't take it either. So I got all my records from my attorney and read them. I've had consistent psychiatric treatment since 2006 and psychotherapy since 2010. Both of these providers agree I cannot work but their medical records suck. There is barely a sentence written down for each visit. The psychologist didn't submit records to SS when requested, he just sent a summary letter that had inaccuracies. I had to go on medical leave from my jobs in 2006, 2008 and 2011 (just a couple weeks before my very last day of working). I had progressively lower responsibility jobs since 2006 because I was trying to find work that I could do. Unfortunately there are NO RECORDS of any of those 3 medical leaves. I also had an in-patient stay and over 15 out-patient visits at another mental health facility that there are no records from. The attorney said this facility doesn't usually return records when requested so he didn't request them. I requested them and got them in the mail in 5 days. I'm trying to get the medical leave info from the employers themselves but no one calls me back. I have 11 more days to file an appeal (if I had an attorney) and I'm spiraling down hill out of control. Reading these records and realizing the people who were supposed to be working for me have not is just too much to take mentally and I'm already very very not well. I need an advocate to go through these records and request information and file an extension to the appeal deadline. The ALJ judge didn't even see half of the documentation she should have. Please help me.

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working same job over 40 years, my health has dwindled in the last 10 years, sleepapnea, congestive heart failure,metabolic syndrome, heart attack,also get extreme headaches and now being treated for anxiety and depression. My boss recently suspended me at work for clerical mistakes I've made and I was told I would be terminated if it happens again.I have never been in trouble at work ever for all of these years.My doctor says it could be medcally related and I am scheduled to see a neurologist just to rule things out. My question is with all of these medical issues, what would be my chances fo disability.


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Hi Mark,

You might qualify. I would go over the SSA's Blue Book to see if your conditions meet the listing(s) requirements. If you worked for over 40 years, you'll definitely have enough work credits to meet the technical qualifications.

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