back pay for child support

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What percantage of back pay for SSDI can they (the state) take out to pay child support owed.

Robert (not verified)
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What are the steps or paperwork that i need for my ex to sign off on all the back pay I owe.


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Hi Robert,
You may want to consult your state's laws on that, we are not experts on family law and as such we really could not say.

Timothy (not verified)
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I had roughly 75% of my two year back pay check withheld to cover child support payments. I was to receive $21,000, actually got $8,000, and the remaining $12,000+ is God knows where. However, throughout that two year period I never stopped paying my child support and am not currently behind. Any idea if this withheld amount will be returned to me? The $12,000 that's been held back is a larger amount than I have left to pay before my son turns 18. Also, the state will be garnishing the remaining child support payments from my monthly disability check. This situation doesn't make a whole lot of sense.


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Hi Timothy,

I am so sorry to hear that. You may want to speak with a representative from the SSA about your situation. You can call toll free here: 1-800-772-1213

Best Wishes,

christy (not verified)
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when receiving disability back pay, what will be paid first, Attorney fees (percentage) or child support arrearage?


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Hi Christy,
Generally the disability lawyer would receive his fees directly from the SSA.

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