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Health Care Coverage While Applying For SSDI

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Health Care Coverage While Applying For SSDI

In August 2014 I was laid off from work and have continued receiving Kaiser Permanente health care coverage through my former employer's COBRA program, subsidized for 3 months. I am now faced with a substantially higher "group rate" premium for the next 15 months of COBRA eligibility ...

I was determined to be permanently disabled with Parkinsons Disease in September 2014, and applied with SSA for both early retirement at age 62, and for SSDI benefits. My early retirement benefits will begin in January 2015, and my SSDI claim is still in process, with DDS in California ...

For 2015, my former employer's COBRA plan is offering the option of continued health care with SIMNSA, a provider based in Mexico, for a monthly premium that is 65 percent less than my current cost. SIMNSA offers the neurological treatment that I require for my condition, and I live in San Diego, less than 50 miles from the SIMNSA facility in Tijuana. I am familiar with the SIMNSA hospital, and travel to Mexico frequently for dental care ...

I have just 10 days to return an election form to the COBRA administrator, choosing to retain my Kaiser coverage, or change to SIMNSA ...

My question is, would I jeopardize my SSDI claim status by switching to a non-US health care plan ?

(SIMNSA is licensed in California, and their website indicates that they are a "qualified provider" under ACA)

Thanks in advance ...

Kittie Birdsong
I need a evaluation for my

I need a evaluation for my mental health...does ssdi pay for my evaluation

Hi Kittie,

Hi Kittie,
The SSA may pay for an independent doctor to evaluate your case, however they would do so to confirm previously documented medical evidence.

Jennifer Nicole West
I , Jennifer Nicole West was

I , Jennifer Nicole West was wondering about my disability claim. i had to fire my lawyer. she took 9 years.. Michelle Pritchard. please help me get answer/ Thank yo and im du.ont have a computer. so im borrowing my cousins. ,

Hi Jennifer Nicole,

Hi Jennifer Nicole,

We are not affiliated with the SSA or federal government so we do not know the status of your claim. Your best bet would be to call the SSA at 1-800-772-1213 or check your MySSA account online. Best of luck!

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