Childhood Disability Benefits

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I am currently waiting for my initial decision for SSDI but have been on SSI since I was a teenager due to a developmental disability. I recently found out since my father is now drawing regular social security I can get SSD off his record. I read online before my appointment that because I have already been found to be disabled as an adult that I should have an easy time switching programs but I attempted to work during my time on SSI through the Ticket to Work program and had a job for 5 months more than a year ago where I made $10.77 an hour full time before my disability caused me to lose it again. Because of this my application was still sent to the state office and I am being treated as though I never got social security before. I feel like I am being punished for attempting to work and also feel social security is putting me through the ringer because they may owe me significant back payments given that my father has been on retirement now for over six years and I was never told I was eligible to get off of SSI. I was told part of my case would be an investigation to determine how much in back payments I was owed and I would have of course preferred that be two separate processes. I am afraid I will be denied so the government will be able to avoid paying me the additional amount I could be entitled to (possibly over $21,000) This would be a huge improvement for me to be able to switch programs because I could save money, own stocks, bonds etc. and not be as totally dependent on my government benefits. In fact my long term plans would be to make enough in dividend income that I can get off social security all together. I live a very simple life and would prefer the government get out of it if at all possible. I am writing this just to get a sense from those on this site do you feel I should be going through the normal process in my situation? I have already been found disabled by social security as an adult and am not sure they are correctly applying their own policies punishing me for a job I held more than 12 months prior to my application date. I do know this program needs major reforms because currently we are pushed to try to work and then if we do and fail we suffer blowback from social security. My condition also causes panic attacks and these have been greatly exacerbated by this additional stress to the point that my anxiety has caused me to be physically ill as well (vomiting, diarrhea etc.) Is there a way to seek justice through the civil courts regardless of my decision for the trauma caused by this process? Why does our right to a speedy trial not apply to government decisions made by social security? I know I sound frustrated and I am but I'm just trying to understand this process as I can't find anything specifically for people applying for childhood disability (SSD) who already get SSI. I am open to hiring a lawyer if it becomes necessary but until I get to the administrative law judge level it seems unnecessary since I can fill out my own paperwork.

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What do childhood socail sucurity mean


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Hi there,
Childhood disability benefits are for kids under the age of 18 who are disabled. They can receive up to $733 per month for their parents to spend on their behalf.

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